Anatomy Of A Great Email Marketing Campaign

Written by Adam Hempenstall
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The first thing to remember is to keep your email single focus. It’s better to send 3 emails about 3 different things than send 1 about 3 different subjects. All great emails follow a simple formula.

If you are using the Business Automation CRM, it’ll be integrated with your MailChimp account and the only things you need to concern yourself with are the headline, message and call to action. We’ve designed it so you can literally type and go. To spice things up, it’s worth adding in an image to excite the reader. If your product or service is photo friendly and you have plenty of imagery – great! If you’re a consultant or something similar then you may want to check out Canva. It’s a free website that lets you create beautiful imagery even if you have absolutely no design ability.

Designing Your Call To Action
As we’ve established, every email campaign where you want any sort of action taken requires a “call to action”. This is where you write, in a simple and easy to understand statement what you want the reader to do next.

Some Examples

Bad: “Contact us for more information”
Good: “Click the green button below to download our PDF brochure instantly”

Bad: “Complete the form below to register your interest”
Good: “Fill in your details below to arrange a call with one of our expert advisors where you’ll benefit from a free review of your portfolio”

Don’t try and do too much with each email. Keep it single focus, and simple. It’s rare you’ll ever need more than one photo, a headline and some text with an obvious call to action. There are outlying examples of breaking this framework but you’re never going to go wrong sticking to it.

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