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Our library holds 260+ professionally written and designed document templates. Find the perfect one for your business and start sending everything better.

Editable Business and Project Proposal Templates. Editable Business and Project Proposal Templates.

Proposal templates

Simplify your proposal creation process and ensure consistency with fully customizable templates that work. Create a proposal
Template for Quotation, Ready for Editing. Template for Quotation, Ready for Editing.

Quote templates

Get your deals over the line with transparent, visually appealing quotes that make clients want to work with you. Create a quote
Brochure Template Design, Editable Format. Brochure Template Design, Editable Format.

Online brochure templates

Show off your business with trackable online brochures that leave a lasting impression and bring in new clients. Create an online brochure
Statement of Work (SOW) Template, Editable Document. Statement of Work (SOW) Template, Editable Document.

Statement of work templates

Make sure you and your client are on the same page by clearly defining project scope, deliverables, and more. Create a statement of work
Work Contract Template, Example of Contract Agreement. Work Contract Template, Example of Contract Agreement.

Contract templates

Seal your deals with legally binding electronic contracts that protect the interests of all parties involved. Create a contract
Template for Written Sign-Offs. Template for Written Sign-Offs.

Sign-off templates

Prevent misunderstandings and disputes with sign-off documents that keep everyone accountable. Create a sign-off
Jon Offer Contract Template. Jon Offer Contract Template.

Job offer templates

Send transparent and beautifully designed job offers that make it easy for candidates to accept. Create a job offer

FAQ: Better Proposals Software

Do you have a template for my industry?
Our Template Marketplace is the most advanced and comprehensive document template library available. Our templates, crafted with care by professional copywriters and designers, cover a wide range of industries, including:

- Website design
- Graphic design
- Marketing
- Software development
- Video Production
- Photography
- Coaching
- Consulting
- Event Management
- Finance
- Home & Property
- IT Support

Our list is continuously expanding. You can explore templates sorted by industry by following the respective document links on this page.
How can Better Proposals speed up document creation?
Better Proposals enhances document creation through:

Time efficiency: Users experience up to 85% faster document turnaround.
User-friendly design: Easily create professional, modern documents without coding or design skills.
Streamlined automation: A comprehensive solution for document creation, agreement signing, payment processing, and follow-up.
Content Library: Access and reuse your favorite designs and modules.
Centralized dashboard: Manage the creation, sending, and tracking of documents from one location, saving time.
What does the software do?
Better Proposals is a web-based app for writing, managing, and sending business documents. It offers:

Efficiency: Build and send business documents online, replacing traditional Word or PDF files. Functionality: Use pre-made templates and integrations for document tracking, electronic signatures, and payment processing.
What are the key features of Better Proposals software?
Key features include:

260+ business document templates: Ready-to-use for various needs.
Analytics dashboard: Single-view document analytics.
Advanced Tracking & Notifications: Stay updated on document interactions.
Digital signatures: Legally binding and secure.
Secure documents: Password protection for added security.
Responsive design: Compatible with phones and tablets.
White label customization: Personalize with your domain.
Unlimited template storage: Save entire documents or sections.
40+ integrations: Includes CRMs, payment systems, and live chat.

Documents that work for you, not against you

Start sending beautifully designed, error-free documents that inspire immediate trust with your clients.
Automate tasks, track your deals, and always follow up at the right time.

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