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Proposify Pricing

If you’re searching for reliable proposal software, you might have come across Proposify and wondered if it’s the best solution for you. In this article, we take Proposify for a test drive in order to figure out if the price is worth it.

We’ve created a free account in order to test everything out and experience the solution for ourselves. The article focuses on comparing the value the service provides with the price of the packages.

Proposify Pricing Plans

Let’s start with the pricing plans. Proposify offers 3 different plans. The first one is designed for freelancers. It’s free and allows one user and 5 active documents. That means that once you draft or send 5 proposals you need to wait until you win a deal in order to create another one.

proposify pricing plans

The Free Plan

With the free account, you’ll get a content library, proposal analytics, digital signatures and payment integrations through Stripe. This may seem like a great deal on the face of it. However, if your business grows, or if you have a busy month, you’ll quickly run out of your proposal allowance.

Even if you’re amazing at writing proposals, you’ll have situations in which you’ll send a proposal and your client will take their time getting back to you. You don’t want to delete the proposal, because when your client gets around to it, they won’t be able to sign it and pay you.

Also, payment integrations include only one option, which isn’t very convenient – for you or your clients. In comparison, Better Proposals has Stripe, GoCardless and Paypal.

This plan doesn’t allow any integrations, which is a shame since there is a lot of amazing software that focuses on freelancers.

The Team Plan

The second plan, called Team is created for small sales teams. It includes all the benefits of the first package as well as an unlimited amount of documents, chat support, a limited amount of integrations (not including Salesforce), and white-labeling.

This plan costs $49 per user per month and allows an unlimited number of users.

The Business Plan

The last package is designed for teams of 10 and more. The price is $590 per month for the first 10 team members. Every additional seat will cost you $59 per month. It includes everything in the previous package, as well as a Salesforce integration, premium support, and onboarding services.

Let’s see how those packages compare to the middle package Better Proposals offer.


Free plan


Team plan


Business plan

Better Proposals

Premium plan

Proposal allowance
Proposal allowance


Unlimited Unlimited


Price Free $49 /month /user Starts at $590 /month + onboarding fee $29
Document checker
Document checker
Customer service
Customer service Chat support 18+ hours /day
Custom merge tags
Custom merge tags Not specified Not specified Not specified
Unlimited integrations
Unlimited integrations Not specified
Custom domain
Custom domain
Personalized onboarding call
Personalized onboarding call
Payment integrations
Payment integrations Stripe Stripe Stripe Stripe, GoCardless, PayPal

As you can see, The Better Proposals’ premium package offers a lot of benefits at a lower price. We are very proud of our customer service team which is available for 18+ hours a day via chat. Our response time is one of the quickest in the industry, which is less than 15 minutes.

If you choose Better Proposals, you’ll also love our list of integrations. Even if you don’t find your desired software on the list, you can always use Zapier or API to integrate it with our solution.

Who is Proposify for?

Proposify is a great option for freelancers who don’t send out a lot of proposals during the month.

Can we in good consciousness recommend it to sales teams? Unfortunately not. A big downside of Proposify is the fact that their solution is not optimized for mobile. In the screenshots below you can see the comparison between the Proposify and Better Proposals editors taken on a smartphone.

Seeing how sales is a tasking job and people are used to having unlimited access to their tools all the time, no matter where they are, it’s a shame Proposify doesn’t optimize their service for mobile.

With this being said, it’s clear that Proposify is not well suited for a dynamic team on the go. It’s for old-school salespeople who aren’t relying on integrations, work exclusively on laptops or computers, and aren’t interested in proposal AI.

If you’re wondering how can AI help you write high converting proposals, the answer is simple. Better Proposal’s AI is a great tool that kicks in once your proposal is done and compares it to other successfully sent and signed proposals in your industry in order to give you helpful tips.

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Why our customers love us

Love Better Proposals! My clients are always super impressed when they get them and often ask how to set it up. Definitely one of the best investments I've made.

Mukarram Ismail

Mukarram Ismail
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Every business is struggling in some way or another at the moment but one thing we're finding easy is get proposals signed and deals done thanks to how quick and easy it is for us to create proposals and our clients to sign them

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Tim Coe
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I save over 100 hours a month using Better Proposals. It's the best investment one can make to improve their work schedule and client conversion

Yousif Jabak

Yousif Jabak

Is Proposify worth it?

In order to keep things impartial, let’s take a look at some Proposify reviews.

proposify review proposify review

As you can see, customers are objecting to Proposify’s editor. It has a lot of bugs, especially with the pricing tables. As Catalina above pointed out, their support team is aware of the bugs and has some workarounds ready, which isn’t convenient for sales teams.

You need reliable proposal software that works great and doesn’t take too much of your time. Seeing how their prices are pretty high, you would expect the value they bring you to be high as well.

That is simply not the case with Proposify, seeing how their priciest package doesn’t offer the features and benefits our Premium package does, which isn’t even our most expensive package. When you compare prices and the number of features these two platforms offer, Better Proposals is the clear winner.

Our Proposal Editor

Zero learning, automatically designed, lightning fast.

What to use instead

Better Proposals offer three packages, designed for freelancers, small businesses and sales teams respectively. Whichever package you choose, you will have every feature in our proposal editor, including:

— Legally binding digital signatures
— Payment options that include PayPal, Stripe, and GoCardless
— PDF export
— Whitelisting your domain
— Content library
— Unlimited proposal templates
— Customer service
— Proposal analytics

Our vast variety of proposal templates can easily be customized to your liking. Once you create your proposal, you can send it out through a secure link, which allows your clients to sign it and pay the first fee.

Better Proposals is a web-based service, meaning you get to send out your proposals as landing pages with customizable domains.

A huge advantage of this process is being able to track your sent proposals. You’ll receive notifications every time someone opens your proposal and the analytics will show you how much time did they spend on specific sections. This makes your follow-up process easier since you have intel into which segments they’re having issues with.

Live chat allows your clients to easily mark things they would like you to change. All sent proposals can be edited until they get signed. Once your clients sign the proposal, it becomes a legally binding document.

200+ free templates

No design skills required

Process, share, and store your proposals quicker, easier, and more securely than ever.
And the best part is, you won't need a team to make it perfect.


Comparing Better Proposals and Proposify clearly shows that Better Proposals is the winner. Proposify’s pricing is way too expensive given the amount of value you receive. If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, choose Better Proposals.

Like what you hear? Try it out for yourself. Better Proposals offer a two-week free trial which is enough time to test everything out and fall in love with our service.

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