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Setting up your company branding

Get your logo, brand colors, and fonts in all the right places. Go through the settings once and have them automatically apply to all your documents.

Removing mention of Better Proposals

Set up your custom domain and remove our badge for that 100% branded look.

Upgrade your existing templates

Import your Word doc templates straight into Better Proposals. and upgrade them to fully trackable, online documents.

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Making our templates your own

Choose one of 250+ templates from our Marketplace and customize it to fit your needs.

Sending documents with Better Proposals

Whether it's a new contact, an existing client, or a contact from your CRM, Better Proposals makes sending documents quick and easy.

Onboarding clients with Better Proposals

Create a custom post-signature experience for your clients that keeps your entire sales process inside one platform.

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Using pricing tables in your documents

Set up your pricing correctly, learn how to use quantities, do percentage pricing, and simplify complex pricing structures.

Reusing what works with the Content Library

Learn how to save sections, blocks, and pricing tables to speed up your workflow.

Managing teams inside Better Proposals

Learn how to add users, set up permissions, create teams, and assign managers.

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