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Proposify is a hybrid between true web based proposals and using something like Microsoft Word. They have the basics down so if you're a professional designer and like spending time making your proposals look right then maybe Proposify is for you.

There's lots they do well and some things they don't do so well. Let's explore some key differences between Better Proposals and Proposify in terms of software, features and approach.

Proposify's Editor

The biggest public gripe about Proposify is their editor. The thing you'll spend 98% of your time using. It's riddled with hundreds of different options, not too different from the thing they designed it to compete with - inDesign.

Better Proposals doesn't have this issue. Our Preview-On-The-Fly editor doesn't make you choose from hundreds of fonts or every available colour. No doubt, Proposify's editor has a lot of options, but if you want ultimate design flexibility, you don't need to pay $100 a month for that. You've got it for free. It's called Microsoft Word.

Our proposal editor

Zero learning, automatically designed, lightning fast.

Gabriel Gallagher
"I used to use Proposify and it gave me virtually every design option you could think of. That seemed great but meant I spent a lot of time on the details & layout rather than the content. Better Proposals respects my time and let's me focus on the content."
Gabriel Gallagher
Tangible Inc.

Layout of your proposals

Despite claiming to be moving towards a paperless world, their proposals are still designed around the concept of a piece of paper. This means you still need to adjust your proposal to sit on sheets of paper even on a computer screen.

We know that proposals get printed less than 0.2% of the time so there's just no need for that in this day and age.

With Better Proposals you're working with web pages. Your content is infinite. This means no worrying about formatting your text, resizing things, resizing pictures. Just throw in your content and let the automatic designer handle everything.


The templates Proposify provide are very weak from a sales perspective. Even if you were to use their software, I would recommend hiring a professional to write your proposal content. It's written as example content which means you need to edit every bit of it and frankly, from a design perspective is pretty weak. Their covers do look cool to be fair.

Of course, you're always going to have to tailor any proposal template to each client but every template available in the Better Proposals marketplace has won business. Not only by our customers but by us when we ran our digital agency and our close business friends.

Here's how some of our templates look

Interesting, engaging, colourful

template 5
template 3
template 12
template 2
template 6
template 4
template 1
template 7
template 9
template 10
template 18
template 15
template 11
template 17
template 13
template 14
template 12
template 16

Viewing on a phone

Over 70% of email in general is opened on phones now. This includes your proposals and highlights the fact that they need to look class on a phone. Here's a screenshot of one of our public templates and one of Proposify's. This isn't an unfair comparison. Simply a random screenshot of two pages on two random proposals.

mobile vs proposify

Speed of creating proposals

One of Proposify's primary selling points is how fast you'll get your proposals done vs using inDesign. It's clear this isn't the case.

We've heard from hundreds of their ex-customers over the years about how it's no different to using something like Microsoft Word. They were looking for something simpler. It seems faster until you realise that everything has a setting, you can change the colour of everything and you need to manually size everything up so it fits on your page.

That's not faster than inDesign or Word. In fact, it's no different at all.

Kellee Carroll
"I have used PandaDoc, Proposify, and Better Proposals and I prefer the Better Proposals simplicity, dashboard, and templates. Plus they are always making improvements."
Kellee Carroll
Prairie Giraffe

You'll pay a lot more with Proposify for a lot less

Proposify have a successful business, there's no doubt but their pricing certainly isn't suitable for small agencies sending 1 or 2 proposals each month. They seem to hold back their best features for their higher paid plans.

Worse yet, their smallest plan at $30 per month still displays their branding and if you have more than 5 proposals in your account at all, you need to more than TRIPLE your payment to them to $100. This compares our lowest monthly paid plan with theirs:

pricing chart proposify Seems a bit harsh to charge more money to a company that has outstanding proposals. With us, it's a sending limit each month so when we say you can send 10 proposals on our $19 per month plan that means you can have 76 drafts and 94 outstanding proposals if you like, you're only limited by what you can send.

Every subscription to Better Proposals has all premium features from advanced reporting to integrations and being completely unbranded, and you'll find our pay as you go plan almost as good as their lowest paid plan.

This isn't an article bashing Proposify. They have a pretty good product that just seems to be suffering in a few key areas. That said, the writing is on the wall and it seems if you look on review sites it doesn't take long for the same criticisms to come up again and again.

We hope they actually move to true web based proposals and improve their editor. Competition is good for everyone but right now, if you want a simple to use proposal system that saves you hours, your clients will love and doesn't need a training manual or a degree in design then consider trying out Better Proposals free.

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