Onboard your new clients.
Right after they sign.

No endless forms, sending meeting links or chasing payments.
Everything is handled in a smooth step-by-step client onboarding wizard.

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Strike while the iron is hot

Your new client is never going to be more ready to get started than the moment they sign. They are at peak excitement.

If you wait 3 days to ask for a deposit or collect their project information it slows down the process and creates drag in your business. Onboarding gets everything rolling the second they sign.

Build your Onboarding using these steps

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Collect information from your clients and copy in anyone who needs to see it via email. Completely automated.

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Collect a deposit and get the ball rolling the moment they’ve signed. Integrates with Stripe, PayPal and GoCardless.

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Explain next steps, give them information or simply thank them for signing. Content steps give you ultimate flexibility.

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Call Booking

Use Calendly to get that first project kick-off call booked in at the moment they are most engaged.

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Want to redirect your client to your website after completing onboarding? Just set a URL and we’ll ship them right there.

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Wow your client. Again

You are at a crucial moment when a new client has signed. You can either force them through a long, cumbersome process of emails, random forms and invoicing links. Or wow them even further by guiding them through becoming a client with a beautiful step-by-step process.

Clean. Professional. Effortless.

You set the journey

Add as many steps as you like, and put them in whatever order you like. Design the perfect onboarding process for your clients.

Have different processes for different services you offer? No problem - you can have as many onboarding flows as you like.

Completely automated.
All in one place

Because your onboarding can be a multi-step process, it cuts out endless emails and manual input. It’s one step, then onto the next.

A clean, simple, automatic process that is effortless for your client. 

Welcome to modern document management

Faster document creation, more closed deals, and clients that keep coming back are just a few clicks away. 
Get started today and see why 10,000+ professionals use Better Proposals to grow their business.

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