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Send 10 proposals each month Comes with 1 user
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Integrations: Payments & Live Chat + Everything below
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PREMIUM $49/month
Send 50 proposals each month Comes with 5 users
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Integrations: CRM, Payments & Live Chat + Everything below
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I sign more contracts, in less time with Better Proposals. The past month has seen $10k+ of work go past my desk, all of which has been approved through contracts made on Better Proposals. My clients love the format, and it saves me about 40 minutes for each proposal... a win-win for all involved.
James Steadman
JC Steadman Marketing

Every Plan Includes

Custom Domain
Show your domain name in the address bar when your clients view your proposal online.
Hide our branding
Switch off our 'Powered by 'Better Proposals'" badge or keep it on and earn commission.
Company Report
Your entire company in one report. See conversion rates, sales, best selling products and more.
Live Chat Integrations
Allow your clients to ask questions while they're reading the proposal and wrap the deal up faster.
CRM Integrations
Sync up the rest of your workflow by integrating your CRM. Save yourself hours of copy/paste.
Payment Integrations
Strike while the iron is hot and take a payment the second your proposal has been signed.
Unlimited Templates
There's no limit on the number of templates you can have in Better Proposals. Choose from our Marketplace or create your own.
Unlimited Covers
Some create a new cover for every client to really personalise the proposal. No limits here.
Digital Signatures
Speed up your sales process by getting a fast, legally binding digital signature on your proposal.
Proposal Analytics
Know who's looked at what pages for how long and in what order. This gives you all the insights you need.
Device Tracking
Find out exactly which devices your proposals are being been read on.
Instant Notifications
As it happens. The second your proposal is opened, forwarded, printed or signed you get an email.
Unlimited Drafts
There are no limits to the number of proposals you can create as drafts.
Fully Featured Editor
All the features you need and none that you don't. You can even customise it with your own HTML.
Pipeline Management
Keep tabs on what you've got coming in and what you need to chase. Even keep track of your monthly figures.
Near 24/7 Support
We're available 6 days a week, 14 hours a day. Whenever you need a hand, we're here to help.
Better Proposals has completely elevated the way I do business. The customized layout not only looks slick, but allows me to share links and samples, which means more value for the potential client. Now that my template is set up, the time savings is ridiculous. What took me 2 hours to prepare before, now only takes a few minutes and carries much more WOW factor. I have to purposely delay sending the proposals after a sales call just so the sheer speed of the process doesn't look questionable on the other end! Just yesterday, a new client commented that they were "blown away" by the look of the proposal and signed shortly after receiving it. Thank you, Better Proposals! Best investment I've made for my business brand image and efficiencies.
Nikki Takahashi
Fetching Finn

Send inconsistently?

Maybe take a look at our pay-as-you-go plan. It has some feature limitations but it'll be better for you if you're only sending 1 or 2 a month.
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Need more than 5 users?

On Premium or Enterprise and need more than 5 users, no problem - you can add them when you're inside Better Proposals for $10 each/month.
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You don’t have a template for my industry, will your software still work? Absolutely! Most businesses use the template they've been using previously and simply copy it into Better Proposals or use one of the existing templates and adapt it to suit. If you're stuck completely on what to write, The 15-Minute Proposal book will make you a proposal writing superstar in 60-minutes or less.
Will your software be mentioned to my clients? No it won't. All our monthly paid plans give you the option. Keep it on and earn commission or switch it off. Here's a guide to how all the different pages, screens and emails your client will see when you send them a proposal from Better Proposals.
I’m not a designer, how will I make my proposal look nice? Easy! By default, everything looks nice. Because you don't have to worry about font spacing, colour matching or any of the details of design, you can just write and let the Automatic Designer handle everything. If you're stuck, contact Support and we'll give you some advice.
Will my proposals be secure and private? Absolutely. You log into Better Proposals through a secure 256bit SSL connection. Proposals aren't public and can only be viewed using the unique encrypted link that's created for each specific contact you send your proposals to.
Are the templates editable? Yes. Every template is 100% editable. Add, edit delete sections to make it how you want it. If you mess it up, just re-add it from the Marketplace again.
Do you offer custom plans? Our Enterprise offers unlimited proposal sending and additional users are $10/month. Additional training, template writing can all be arranged with our any of our partners.
Do you need my credit card details to try it? Nope. Not until you want to purchase a plan.
Can I change my plan later? Of course! Upgrade and downgrade as much as you like.
Have another question? Get in touch. Have a question we haven't answered here? Get in touch and we'll come back to you within 10 minutes during business hours.