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You don’t have a template for my industry, will your software still work? Absolutely! Most businesses use the template they've been using previously and simply copy it into Better Proposals. The templates are just for inspiration. If you're stuck completely on what to write, The 15-Minute Proposal book will help you and we have consultants who can help you structure your proposal template. What are the limitations of your free plan? On the free plan, you're limited to sending 2 proposals per month, 1 user and our little badge on your proposals. If you send 2 proposals per month or less, then the free plan is great for you. Do you need my credit card details to try it? Nope. Not until you want to purchase a plan.
I’m not a designer, how will I make my proposal look nice? Easy! By default, everything looks nice. Because you don't have to worry about font spacing, colour matching or any of the details of design, you can just write and let the Automatic Designer handle everything. If you're stuck, contact Support and we'll give you some advice. Will your software be mentioned to my clients? No, never. If you're on the free plan then there's a small badge, but not on any of our paid plans. Here are all the all the different pages, screens and emails your client will see when you send them a proposal from Better Proposals. Do you offer custom plans? Yes, get in touch and we can discuss your individual situation and come up with a plan that makes sense for you.
Will my proposals be secure and private? Absolutely. You log into Better Proposals through a secure 256bit SSL connection. Proposals aren't public and can only be viewed using the unique encrypted link that's created for each specific contact you send your proposals to. Have another question? Get in touch. Have a question we haven't answered here? Get in touch and we'll come back to you within 10 minutes during business hours. Can I change my plan later? Of course! Upgrade and downgrade as much as you like.