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On first impressions, it’s hard not to be impressed with Qwilr’s site and proposal templates.


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Minimalist designs that are totally Scandanavian hipster dreamy – visually they are beautifully designed and they rescale perfectly to whatever screen they are being read from.

So what's the problem with Qwilr?

Qwilr's Templates

While they claim to offer 150+ templates, there are a couple of issues. The first is the fact that we counted and only found 94. The second is the range of templates. It goes without saying you should always tweak any template before using it in your business but there's so little to go on with Qwilr's range of templates you're more or less starting from scratch.

The second is something we've heard from the serious sales professionals who have switched from Qwilr to Better Proposals and that's the fact that from a sales perspective, the way they have laid their templates out and the content is terrible for conversion. We have over 200 templates, some written by the best of the best in their industry who have chosen Better Proposals as their recommended proposal service.

Every single one of the templates in our library has won real business from customers just like you.

Switching from Qwilr?

Read our guide to help you easily switch from Qwilr, learn how to set up your Better Proposals account, import templates, and more.

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Here's what they look like on mobile

Scroll through one of our proposals on the left, compare it to Qwilr's on the right

200+ free templates

No design skills required

Process, share, and store your proposals quicker, easier, and more securely than ever.
And the best part is, you won't need a team to make it perfect.

How much?!

Qwilr reminds us of the ‘Fit but you know it’ high maintenance girl sung about by The Streets. Yes, the product looks really nice, but it seems Qwilr are as concerned with marketing themselves as their customers, given that it costs $250 per month to remove all Qwilr branding from the proposals you send to your clients.

If you don’t mind dumping just their badge, they’ll kindly only charge you $70 per month for the convenience. With Better Proposals you have a fully branded proposal with your url in the address bar on our Premium plan at $29 per month.

Support hours

For that kind of outlay, you’d expect your templates to almost ping out of your machine and premium service to boot. However, with minimal interaction, you might start noticing small irritants cropping up like error messages cause ‘trouble contacting Qwilr servers’, or Qwilr live messenger autoreplies of 30mins away turning into hours of no response. Hmm.

Karla from chat support

Hi, I need some help!

Hey Sarah, can you tell me a little more about what you need?

reply to message Karla from chat support

Our support is looked after 16-hours a day so when we promise support, you can bet you’ll hear back from us sharpish. Keeping paying customers waiting just isn’t what we do.

We tried to sign up once and try it and got this...

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Why our customers love us

Love Better Proposals! My clients are always super impressed when they get them and often ask how to set it up. Definitely one of the best investments I've made.

Mukarram Ismail

Mukarram Ismail
CEO of AgoraWave

Every business is struggling in some way or another at the moment but one thing we're finding easy is get proposals signed and deals done thanks to how quick and easy it is for us to create proposals and our clients to sign them

Myusp Tim

Tim Coe
Marketing Consultant

I save over 100 hours a month using Better Proposals. It's the best investment one can make to improve their work schedule and client conversion

Yousif Jabak

Yousif Jabak

Qwilr's Editor is pretty complicated.

Our Proposal Editor

Zero learning, automatically designed, lightning fast.

What don't you get with Qwilr?

We also noticed that for the basic Qwilr package you’ll get the bare minimum of analytics. This again forces the upgrade to more expensive subscriptions for what we consider to be standard proposal analytics. We know is one of the most crucial points of sending a digital proposal. Better Proposals full analytics are available each and every time you send a proposal no matter what plan you are on.

Qwilr is a great product, there's no arguing that. Their pricing, plans and features are heavily biased towards those with fortunes to spare. If that's you and you can work around their support hours then it's a superb option.

If you want a proposal tool that does everything you need and nothing you don't, has plans that start small and grow naturally and proportionally with your growth then we think (and perhaps we're biased) that Better Proposals could be a better fit.

Documents that work for you, not against you

Start sending beautifully designed, error-free documents that inspire immediate trust with your clients.
Try Better Proposals for 14 days free and automate tasks, track your deals, and always follow up at the right time.

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