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Announcing Better Proposals’ Advanced Salesforce Integration

For a long time, integrating Salesforce with your Better Proposals account has made it easier for you to fill in data in the documents you’re sending. And while searching for companies and syncing your documents with Salesforce Opportunities has saved you tons of time, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made some major improvements. Read on and find out what you can do with the Advanced Salesforce integration on the Enterprise plan.

Search by contact

Up to now, integrating Salesforce with your Better Proposals account meant that you could search for companies you wanted to send documents to directly from your CRM. You would simply start typing the company name into the search bar, choose the company, and then tick the relevant contacts. 

With the Advanced Salesforce integration, you can now also search by contact. This means that, whatever search term you enter, you will see both companies and contacts in the results. Thanks to this new functionality, you no longer need to remember which company your contact is associated with.

search for companies or contacts with Advanced Salesforce

Contacts assigned to a company

Once you’ve chosen a contact assigned to a company, the system will automatically pull in the data you have in Salesforce. The process of sending them documents remains the same, while eliminating the extra step of sifting through all the contacts you have at a specific company.

Individual contacts

Besides making it faster to find the people you need to sign your documents at a company, searching by contact also makes doing business directly with end-users easier. The improved Salesforce integration allows you to send documents to individual contacts in your CRM through Better Proposals. This saves you the extra time of logging into your Salesforce account and searching for the data manually.

search for individual contacts with Advanced Salesforce

As you know, in Better Proposals you always send documents to companies. So, once you’ve searched for a contact not assigned to a company and clicked on their name, Better Proposals will create a “company” under their name inside the system. This change won’t reflect on your Salesforce contact.

Sync events and Opportunity stages

If you’ve ever created a document and synced it with a Salesforce Opportunity, you’ve noticed automatic notes added to Salesforce when your document was created, sent, and signed. To make tracking activity easier, this integration upgrade now also adds these as events on the Opportunity timeline. And based on your feedback, we’ve also added PDF downloads and forwards so you have even more information on what’s going on with your documents.

advanced salesforce sync fields

Match Salesforce fields with Better Proposals merge tags

To make data input faster and easier, you can now sync your Salesforce Custom Fields with Better Proposals Custom Merge Tags. That way, the data from Salesforce is automatically prefilled into your Better Proposals documents, eliminating the need for manual input.

match advanced salesforce merge tags

Launch Better Proposals directly from Salesforce

With the Advanced Salesforce integration, you now have the option to add Better Proposals document creation buttons directly to your Salesforce account. Once connected, you can find the buttons in the Salesforce top right dropdown for Accounts, Users and Opportunities. Clicking on the buttons will redirect you to the Better Proposals app, where you will be able to create a new document prefilled with the information from Salesforce.

launch better proposals from advanced salesforce

Start closing deals faster than ever before

When you’re dealing with a large number of leads, you want your CRM and proposal software to be in complete sync. So, if you already haven’t, sign up for the Better Proposals Enterprise plan and start streamlining your workflow with the help of our Advanced Salesforce integration.

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