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New Feature: Onboarding

From now on, you can make your document workflow even more efficient by using Better Proposals Onboarding. This new feature allows you to create a custom post-signature experience for your clients that keeps your entire sales process inside one platform.

What you can do with Onboarding

Onboarding allows you to collect additional data, book calls, or redirect clients to your website right after they’ve signed a document. That way, you can guide your clients through your sales process by adding the following steps:

  • Forms, to collect any additional information you need for the project
  • Content blocks, to add messages (e.g., “Thank you” message after signing)
  • Booking calendars, to let clients book a call through our Calendly integration
  • Payments, to let clients pay you directly using our GoCardless, Stripe, or PayPal integrations
  • Redirect links, to send clients to a website outside Better Proposals

What’s changing after you enable Onboarding

Once you’ve enabled the feature in your account, Better Proposals will automatically create default Onboarding paths for all your brands. You will see two major changes:

  • Thank you messages for signing and payments will no longer be accessible through Settings > Branding. Instead, they are now a part of Onboarding.
onboarding setup
  • You’ll be able to access Forms and customize them to collect any additional data from your clients
onboarding forms

It’s important to note that the documents you’ve set up before enabling the feature will not be affected and will work exactly as they always have. However, once you’ve turned the feature on, the brand you send new documents from determines the Onboarding path your customer will take.

What do default Onboarding paths look like?

After your documents have been signed, the default Onboarding displays a “Thank you” message for the client. If you have Payments integrated into your account, the default path will also display the Payment page and a “Thank you” message after the payment is completed.

default onboarding path

Starter plan limitations

To be able to use the full capabilities of Onboarding, you need to be on our Premium or Enterprise plans. Only default Onboarding paths are available on our Starter plan, which means you won’t be able to access the Forms, Booking calendar, and Redirect steps.

Wrapping up

Your sales process should always include top-notch customer experience. With Onboarding, you can now create one directly from your Better Proposals sales documents. Head over to your account to enable Onboarding today and enjoy a simple, one-platform workflow!

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