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New: Pre-Built Content Library Items

Creating a template from scratch, need to add to an existing one or want to spruce up the one you added using our doc importer? Our new pre-built Content Library items are here to make the job quick and easy. They're available on all plans, and here's how they work.

What are pre-built Content Library items?

Think of our pre-built Content Library items as quick layouts you can add to your documents. Whether you need to add a block or an entire section, you can now do it in even less time than before.

And don't worry - all of the pre-built Content Library items are fully customizable. Once you've chosen the layout you like, you can spruce it up with your own colors, trims, backgrounds, and other design elements inside the Editor.

How to use pre-built Content Library items

You can access pre-built Content Library items from the document editor and the template editor. They're a huge time saver when you need on-the-fly additions to documents or when you're creating the perfect template for your business.

Pre-built blocks

The process of adding a pre-built block is the same as adding your own saved content from the Content Library. Simply click on the + sign inside the Editor and then click on Content Library. As always, a sidebar will open on the right.

pre-built content library items - blocks

Under Pre-built blocks, you'll see a list of the following categories:

  • Layouts, where you'll find layout ideas for your content blocks
  • Common, which is a collection of commonly used content blocks (e.g., services, features, statistics, FAQs)
  • Contact, which will give you different ways to present your contact information
  • Testimonials, where you'll find several ways of showcasing how satisfied your previous clients were
  • Team, which helps you present the people behind the work

Once you've added the block designs that best match the style you were going for, all there's left to do is fill in the text. And if you want to customize the design further, you can - the same way you'd usually customize it for any other block.

Pre-built sections

To add a pre-built section, click on the + sign in the sidebar on the left. Once you've done that, you'll see two options: Blank section and From library. Click on From library to access pre-built sections from the sidebar on the right.

pre-built content library items - sections

Under Pre-built sections, you'll see a list of the following categories:

  • Case Study, where you'll find tried and tested page layouts for presenting your best work
  • Our Process, which will help you put clients at ease by guiding them through the work you'll be doing 
  • Introduction, where you'll find layouts that help you start off on the right foot
  • Common, which includes commonly used pages (e.g., info page)
  • Our Team, where you'll see different team page layouts
  • Contact Us, which helps you present all your contact information in a creative way
  • Next Steps, with layouts that help you guide the client towards the close

Once you've added all the pages your document or template was missing, all you need to do is customize them. All the blocks in the pre-built sections are fully customizable, so feel free to play around with trims, backgrounds, and the layout.

Final thoughts

If you're just starting out with Better Proposals, our pre-built Content Library items will help you send beautiful docs faster. You don't have to think about setting up your layouts or spend time changing the existing one if you've decided to customize one of our templates. Simply find your favorite design option, add it to your document, and adjust to your preferences.

And if you've already saved your favorites into the Content Library, pre-built items can help you change things up a bit. It's easy to get set in your ways and use the same layout and design for each document you send, especially if you don't want to spend time on setting up different layouts. 

Our pre-built Content Library items are here to give you more ideas on how to present your products or services to clients. That way, you can have all the variety you want without wasting time on figuring out the details.

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