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New: Document Expiry Dates

You asked for it, we made it happen: document expiry dates are now available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Staying on top of your sales targets, sending limited time offers, and contract renewals just got easier. 

Using document expiry dates

Besides creating a sense of urgency in negotiations, setting document expiry dates also helps you keep better track of your pipeline. When you're offering preferential pricing up to a certain date or working with limited time discounts, you no longer need to keep an eye on the calendar.

Instead, once your document is about to expire, you'll see a warning message. That way, you can follow up at the right time and close the deal. What's more, with expiry dates, you can make your sales forecasting more accurate than ever. Seeing which documents will soon expire allows you to assess whether your revenue goals will be met and lets you course correct before it's too late.

And in case you're hiring a new team member, you can also set expiry dates on your job offers. That way, you can significantly reduce your time to hire. 

Here’s how it works.

Setting up document expiry dates

If you want to use expiry dates on your documents, go to Document Expiry Messages under Admin in Settings. On top of the screen, you'll see a toggle next to Activate Expiry Feature for Documents. Once you've switched the toggle on, you will be able to set custom expiry dates for all your documents.

activate document expiry dates

Creating expiry messages

When you enable document expiry dates, you also have the option to choose what your clients see after the document has expired. To start, click on the Create New Message button in the top right of the screen.

create document expiry messages

From here, you manage default expiry messages for all your documents. This means, for example, that you can have different expiration settings for each document type you send. Simply name the expiry message and choose what happens when a client clicks on an expired document link. You can:

1. Block access to the document and show a message. With this option turned on, your client will only see the message you choose to show them, but won't be able to see the document again.

document expired message

2. Allow the document to be viewed, but not signed. If you opt for this choice, your client will be able to access and scroll through the document as they normally would by clicking on the link you sent. However, the signature block in your document will be disabled with a message letting them know the document has expired.

can't sign document message

Assigning expiry dates to your documents

By default, your documents will not have an expiry date set up. Instead, you can assign one of your expiry scenarios to individual documents before you send them. You can do this by switching on the toggle in Step 2 of the setup when you create a new document.

set expiry date on documents

For each document, you can choose one of your pre-set messages or write a new one by toggling on Overwrite the message for this document. And when it comes to how your document expires, you can choose either:

  • A specific date
  • A number of days after sending
specific date or number of days for document expiry

Wrapping up

With expiry dates, you gain better control of your pipeline and the ability to set a time limit on your offer. Better forecasting, more accurate target predictions, and effective follow ups are just a few clicks away. And if you ever get stuck, our support team has got your back 24/7.

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