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If you are after functional, highly simplified writing software that quickly builds professional proposals that look great, then Nusii is a solid option.

Their dashboard is well laid out which makes it user-friendly and intuitive to use, and their breakdown of sales using a per client overview rather than per proposal approach is a pretty neat approach.

However, despite Nusii acknowledging, “data is power” we found the scope of their analytics rather limited. Nusii will notify you of the important basics: when a client has received their email, opened the proposal, and approved etc.


Better Proposals

Digital signatures
Digital Signatures
Ready to use templates
Ready to use templates



Document analytics
Document analytics



Slack, Highrise CRM


Free trial
Free trial

Credit card required

Custom domain
Custom domain
Custom branding
Custom branding

Premium only

Document tracking
Document tracking
Live chat
Live chat
Document Checker
Document Checker
Payment integrations
Payment integrations


Stripe, GoCardless, PayPal

Deeper insights than Nusii with more detailed analytics

Better Proposals analytics smash this out of the park; from our detailed monitoring, you know down to a fraction of a second who has opened your proposal, the device it's been opened on and how long they have spent on individual pages etc. Call us cyber sleuths maybe, but we like to give you much more insight into the impact of your proposal.

Email followup screen

Nusii will notify you if a client has requested more information. Better Proposals offers live chat integration into proposals so your client queries can be dealt with instantly and proposals signed off like lightning.

Nusii's Proposal Editor, or lack thereof

One major difference between Nusii and Better Proposals is that everything is guesswork with Nusii - you type text in and hope it looks right when you preview, which is massively time-consuming. With Better Proposals, the editor is how it appears.
We call it Preview-on-the-fly.

Our Proposal Editor

Zero learning, automatically designed, lightning fast.

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Why our customers love us

Love Better Proposals! My clients are always super impressed when they get them and often ask how to set it up. Definitely one of the best investments I've made.

Mukarram Ismail

Mukarram Ismail
CEO of AgoraWave

Every business is struggling in some way or another at the moment but one thing we're finding easy is get proposals signed and deals done thanks to how quick and easy it is for us to create proposals and our clients to sign them

Myusp Tim

Tim Coe
Marketing Consultant

I save over 100 hours a month using Better Proposals. It's the best investment one can make to improve their work schedule and client conversion

Yousif Jabak

Yousif Jabak

Their templates

Nusii is a company set up by two creatives, meaning it looks decent, but Nusii offers just 8 proposal templates and 4 integrations.

Here's what they look like on mobile

Scroll through one of our proposals on the left, compare it to Nusii's on the right

Right now in the Better Proposals library, there are over 200 templates and 40+ integrations to choose from with more being added regularly.

200+ free templates

No design skills required

Process, share, and store your proposals quicker, easier, and more securely than ever.
And the best part is, you won't need a team to make it perfect.

Speaking of lacking integrations...

One of the most popular features of Better Proposals is payment integrations. Getting your proposal signed is only half the battle. The other half is getting the money in your account. Nusii don't have this feature or even any way of cobbling it together. The entire process from sending your proposal to getting paid is automatic with Better Proposals.

Instant Payments:

Fast, Easy, Secure

With the integrated payments feature, your clients can pay your fee immediately via credit card. Forget about the Net 30 invoices. No more “4th notice” emails to send. There's no better time to ask for the payment than seconds after they've signed your proposal.

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If you need support with using Nusii you have to rely on a limited help section of written articles. With Better Proposals, we have prepared instructions on almost every aspect of proposal writing imaginable. What’s more, we show you how it’s done with video tutorials and walkthroughs. And if you still get stuck, you can contact our support team - they’re available for 17 hours a day.

Karla from chat support

Hi, I need some help!

Hey Sarah, can you tell me a little more about what you need?

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The thing that makes us scratch our heads the most is the way that Nusii offers a free 14-day trial but insists on taking your card details first. Better Proposals is totally free to trial and that is open to everyone with no need to open your wallet.

Nusii's Pricing vs Better Proposals'

Speaking of wallets, freelancers will have to cough up $49 dollars a month if they want to send more than 5 Nusii proposals with their own domain and integrations. Better Proposals offer this functionality with our $19 per month plan with double this amount of proposals.

We're clearly biased and there's little point hiding that but facts are facts. Nusii is a cool bit of kit and way better than using Word or InDesign but when it comes down to it, the template quality, analytics and suitable pricing there's really only one option.

Documents that work for you, not against you

Start sending beautifully designed, error-free documents that inspire immediate trust with your clients.
Automate tasks, track your deals, and always follow up at the right time.

14-day trial. No credit card required. Nothing to cancel.