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Who can apply?

Our Partner Program is designed for consultants, affiliate marketers, course creators and industry influencers looking to educate their audience on the importance of digital documents and spread the word on Better Proposals.

There is no sign-up fee, no cap on earnings and we pay 20% ongoing commission for every successful referral!

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How does it work?

As a Partner, you’ll be provided with a unique referral link, containing a generous 90-day tracking cookie.

Use this link to promote Better Proposals to your audience via social media, in blog articles or email newsletters, within video content or using almost* any method you can think of.

If someone clicks your link and becomes a paying customer, we will reward you with a 20% commission on their subscription fee, paid on the 1st of each month.

Commission is ongoing. This means that as long as your referral stays with us, and you remain a Partner, you keep getting paid - often for years!

*see Partner Program Agreement

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Better Proposals has shortened my sales cycle by more than 10%, and impressed clients with beautifully created templates.


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Why Partner with us?

This isn’t your average affiliate program. As a Better Proposals Partner, you’ll receive one-to-one guidance
on all aspects of the system and routes of promotion, specific to your audience.

Free to join, promoting the #1 Proposal Management Software in the marketplace

Generous 20% recurring lifetime commission for every customer you refer

Exclusive co-marketing opportunities, including being featured on our website, social media channels and in our email marketing

Additional ‘bolt-on’ revenue generators to boost your income and help customers get set-up faster and stay longer (earning you more commission!)

Intuitive Partner Dashboard to easily track your referrals, commission and access an inventory of Better Proposals creative to support your promotion efforts

Personalised landing page options for course creators and industry experts looking to add value by sharing their ‘winning’ template automatically with referred leads

Webinar, podcast or live stream? Invite a representative of Better Proposals to join you! They can share data-backed tips on document best practice, ‘the statistically perfect sales proposal’, conversion ideas and more.

One-to-one guidance, training and support from Better Proposals experts via email, video call and 24/7 Live Chat, to maximise your earning potential.

Next steps

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Submit your application for review and we will notify you of our decision, typically within 3 days.

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If approved, you will receive a Welcome Email containing your Partner account details and instructions to set up your Dashboard and payment information.

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Spread the word! Use your link to promote Better Proposals to your audience and earn ongoing commission for each new paying customer you refer.

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Your questions, answered

Common questions about the partner program

Who is the Partner Program for?
Anyone with an audience! Consultants, affiliate marketers, course creators and influencers who inspire and teach their audience about the benefits of digital documents using the Better Proposals platform.

The program is free to join, and allows you to monetise your audience, be featured in Better Proposals marketing ventures and earn commission from each successfully referred customer.
What are the requirements to apply?
To apply for the Partner Program, you must:
  • Have an established and relevant audience
  • Create original content such as online courses, blog posts, videos or a review service
  • Have experience with the Better Proposals platform
  • Have read and agreed to our Partner Program Agreement
How will I know if my application is accepted?
We aim to review your application within 48 hours. If your application is approved, you will receive a welcome email containing a unique Partner Referral Link to promote Better Proposals and access to a Partner Dashboard containing information and marketing assets to help you get started.
In what countries is the Partner Program available?
The Partner Program is available globally.
How are referrals tracked?
Those accepted into the Better Proposals Partner Program will receive their Partner Dashboard details and an all-important Partner Referral Link.

The Partner Referral Link is unique to each Partner and contains a 90-day tracking cookie. This means anyone who clicks this link and signs-up for a free 14-day trial of Better Proposals within this timeframe, will be attributed to you. If they become a paying customer, you will earn a commission on their monthly subscription fee.

Customers referred without the use of your Partner Referral Link will not be counted, so make sure you always share it when promoting Better Proposals to your audience.
What is the commission structure?
We’ll pay you 20% of the monthly subscription fee of any successfully referred customer (on a paid plan) joining Better Proposals from your Partner Referral Link.

There is no maximum number of customers you can refer to us and your commission continues to be paid for as long as you remain a Partner and the customer remains with us.

Other revenue-generating opportunities are also available for selected Partners and can be discussed with your Partnership Manager.
How do I get paid?
Commission is paid on the 1st of each calendar month.

To allow for instances of cancellation or refund (where commission would not then apply, for that month) payouts are made one month in arrears plus one (1) day. For example, commission earned in January will be paid on the 1st of March.

If the commission balance is below $20 (USD), then it will be held until the next payout.

For any payment errors or disputes, please contact your Partnership Manager with full details. We'll review your message and do what we can to resolve it.
Are there any restricted promotional methods?
You can promote Better Proposals to your audience in almost any way, but we do have some ‘common-sense’ restrictions. See our Partner Program Agreement for details.
What are the Better Proposals brand guidelines?
Review our Better Proposals Brand Guidelines to ensure you use our brand assets correctly. If you need assistance, contact support in live chat on the bottom right.

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