Partner with Better Proposals

Become a partner, earn commission and wow your audience

Who is the Partner Programme for?

There isn't a strict critera but we review every application on a case-by-case basis and typically, you'll either be a professional affiliate, have a blog, be an agency with clients and want to set them up with Better Proposals or have a list of some sort and would like to get an offer in front of them.

There are no rules here but we won't accept an application if you don't have some sort of plan.

Agency or Consultant
Proactively recommend Better Proposals to your clients.
Write a post about us or get Adam to collaborate with you.
Professional Affiliate
Writing articles, mailing your list, webinars - you know what to do.
Community Owner
Run a Facebook, LinkedIn or Slack group? Promote Better Proposals to your community.

20% Commission for Life

Earn money by being helpful

For every successful customer you bring us, we'll give you 20% of their monthly spend. This happens automatically using our affiliate management software. No manual payouts and no minimums. Whatever you earn, you get paid.

What you need to do

Depending on the angle you're coming at it from, what you'll need to do will differ. If you have a blog, this may be writing a review or having Adam appear in an interview.

If you have a list then perhaps you'll ask Adam to do a webinar with you. If you're an agency then maybe you'll find ways to introduce this to more of your clients. We're happy to discuss ideas with you.

Apply Now

There's a short application form which gives us a quick idea for whether we're a good fit or not. Complete that and we can hopefully get you approved in only 2-3 working days.

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