Document creation made easy

Get ready to impress at first sight with the help of our intuitive and powerful editor. Beautiful design and impeccable formatting are just a few clicks away.

We've all been there - move one image slightly to the left and all the document elements shift, complete with three new blank pages that came out of nowhere. With Better Proposals, you can leave that headache in the past. Our editor takes care of the spacing and formatting automatically so you can focus on writing the content.
Within the Better Proposals editor, all your content is organized in blocks. That way, you can add text, images, video, eSignatures, and pricing tables without worrying about the spacing. Just click on the plus sign, add a block, and get to writing - it's that simple!
Say goodbye to copying and pasting and hello to the Content Library. Stop wasting hours sifting through documents to find that paragraph you want to reuse. Instead, save blocks or entire sections to the Better Proposals Content Library. Next time you need to add the same content, simply use the search function directly from the new document.

No design skills required

With the Better Proposals editor, you don't need a user manual or a team to create documents that leave a lasting impression. Our Template Library is full of professionally designed templates you can customize to make your own.

All the flexibility you need and nothing you don't

If you're not a professional designer, it can be hard to strike a balance between creative freedom and going overboard. The last thing you want is for your design choices to distract the client from the offer. Better Proposals helps you create a powerful image that builds trust by giving you just the right amount of flexibility.

That said, those of you who are designers don't have to worry about any limitations. If you want to make document changes that aren't built into the editor, you can - by editing the HTML.

Guesswork-free document editing

There are zero surprises with the Better Proposals editor. All the changes are instantly visible as you make them - no loading screens or page reloads needed. What's more, you don't have to worry about losing your data either. All the document changes save automatically every few seconds.

Your pricing - clean and clear

Packages, subscriptions, or one-time fees - whatever your pricing model, we've got you covered. Simply add a pricing block to your document and pull products or services from the library or fill them in on the go. Make the pricing section an interactive experience by giving your clients options or choices and use it as an opportunity to upsell.

Simplify complex pricing situations by breaking them down into multiple pricing tables, apply discounts, and much more. No matter how complex your pricing, Better Proposals makes it easy for the client to understand by calculating the totals automatically.

Stay in complete control

When you're sending documents as email attachments, anyone can make changes that you then have to track down. With Better Proposals, you can restrict editing access inside your team, and your clients can't make any changes at all.

If you're still in the negotiation phase, you have the ability to hide unfinished parts of the document from the client. That way, you can perfect the details after the meeting and adjust them to your client's needs.

What's more, your control over the documents doesn't stop once you've sent them. Expiry dates let you revoke access to your documents after the signing deadline passes. And if you want to make sure your client doesn't accidentally share the link to the document with someone else, you can also password protect it.
We've made sure you have everything you need to take your documents from good to great. Keep things interesting by adding trims to your content blocks or bring in some texture with patterned backgrounds. Break up longer paragraphs into columns and choose between normal or wide mode. You can even give your documents that modern website feel by making them fully scrollable and adding subtle animations.
Take your documents up a notch by using media files to leave a lasting impression. Embed stock photos and videos directly from the editor, no downloading and importing needed. Whether you decide to use them front and center or as a background, they're sure to make your documents stand out. And if you've invested in your own marketing collateral, why not show it off in your documents?

You can control what goes into your documents, but you can't control what device your client decides to open them on. With traditional document software, that means your document may end up looking different to your client than it does to you. On the other hand, Better Proposals gives you web-based, responsive documents that look just the way you intended them to - on any device.

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