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How to Import your Proposal Template from Microsoft Word

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How to Import your Proposal Template from InDesign

Switching from competitor software to Better Proposals

Switching to Better Proposals?

Email Whitelisting with Better Proposals

Maximize Deliverability of your Documents with Email Whitelisting

Email Whitelisting with Better Proposals

Zapier and Better Proposals: Work Smarter by Doing Less

Email Whitelisting with Better Proposals

Design the Perfect Template with Better Proposals

What our customers love most about Better Proposals

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Quick and easy setup

“I decided to go with Better Proposals as their templates not only resonated with me and my clients, right out of the box they worked. There was little or no tweaking.”
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Keith McMean


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Beautiful design - on any device

“Not only does it look good, it's incredibly practical, easy to navigate for us and our clients, and looks just as awesome on mobile as it does on a desktop.”
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Graham Myles

Intell Marketing

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Fast document creation

“What took me 2 hours to prepare before, now only takes a few minutes and carries much more WOW factor.”
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Nikki Takahashi

Fetching Finn

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Total customization

“The ability to customise pages and integrate any media is truly putting us at the forefront of our game.”
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Neil Longuet-Higgins

SIS Digital

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eSignatures and payments

“One of my clients remarked to me the other day that he was actually surprised that I was able to get him to sign a contract so quickly.”
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James York

Oscar Diggs Digital

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24/7 customer support

“It's powerful, great looking, and their support is second to none."

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