Roll out Better Proposals across Your Team

You’ve taken the first step and chosen Better Proposals as your new way of sending proposals and business documents to potential clients. Next comes the fun bit - getting everyone else on board with your decision.

Unlike large, bulky enterprise software, Better Proposals is generally far easier to roll out across your team. That’s due to the modern, familiar design and more care and attention being given to usability and world-class support.

That said, how you choose to break the news about new software to your team will largely depend on the number of people who need to start using Better Proposals. Here’s how we suggest you go about it.

Better Proposals Onboarding for Teams up to 10

For teams of up to ten people, you’ll want to split the process up into two phases. First, get the account set up. This includes things like account settings, currencies, time zones, your branding, and at least 1 template. In case you don’t have an internal design team, we have a template design service and can take care of it for you.

Typically, we find that there are a few people who will have been speaking to our account managers or customer success team during the evaluation period, so it’s only natural that those people lead the rollout. By getting everything set up first and taking advantage of the free onboarding calls we offer, you’ll be rolling out almost a finished product to the rest of your team.

This is important because you want to blow them away with everything set up and in context from the first time you show the software to them. Much like any new user, if your team sees it empty for the first time, they’ll find it a little difficult to imagine how everything will work. Our customer success team will help you get to this point.

Once everything is set up, it’s time to start introducing Better Proposals to the rest of your team. Over the years, we’ve gathered that sending an email to them before you invite them as users is a great way of preparing them. It’s also a good idea to remind them of the reasons behind the decision to go this direction and how it will help them.

Also consider putting it into the context of their day-to-day roles. For example, telling a team of sales reps that you’ve bought this new software so you can better track their performance probably isn’t going to go down too well. Tell them it will help them close more deals and earn more commission instead, and you’re going to have their attention.

You could try something like this:

Hey team,

As you know, proposals have been a bit of a problem for a while now and we’ve decided to do something about it. All the time you’re playing about with Microsoft Word trying to make a document look right is time you’re not investing into the next deal. We all know what that means - less commission.

We were looking for something that makes the document creation process simple and will speed up the sales process. We’ve gone with Better Proposals.

It’s online software, syncs with Salesforce beautifully, and I think you’re all going to love it.

We’re going to be inviting you all later today so, when you get that, log in, have a play with the template that’s in there, and send yourself and each other a test. Use this week to get to grips with it and from next Monday all new proposals will be sent using Better Proposals.

Any questions, you can reach out to _______ internally for the next few weeks. After that, you can contact their support on live chat on the website at


Better Proposals Onboarding for teams bigger than 10

The basic principles of onboarding larger teams are the same. You’d still get your account set up with your product champions, you’d still announce it to your team. The major exception is that it can be a good idea to choose a few influential team members you’ll roll it out to first.

By choosing 4 or 5 high performers, the most influential team members or perhaps a small team within your larger team, you get a chance to see if there is any resistance. You also have the time to iron out any small issues and make sure things like your templates are all sorted, accurate, and named correctly. It just gives you a bit of advance warning before rolling it out to 55 salespeople with a glaring omission in the account setup.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be a long period of time. Even just a few weeks is plenty to get a bunch of people up to speed, see some deals rolling in, and get them on board.

It also helps massively when that mini rollout goes well and the chatter picks up. People will want in. It will create a demand. Of course, in a top-down decision like this one, you don’t need excitement, but it sure helps.

When you’re ready to unleash the floodgates, you’ve got everyone else on the team chomping at the bit ready and waiting to get involved. You can send the same sort of email as above to the remaining team members. Doing it this way also removes some of the pressure on you or the product champion because you’ve got a handful of people who can help show the others little tricks and things they’ve picked up over the previous few weeks.

Does it take longer to roll out software to a bigger team? Yes, of course. But as long as you have all your ducks in a row, a plan, and clear communication, it will go well.

Don’t forget, you’re not alone. You have a Customer Success Manager for a reason. They are there to help you come up with this plan, mitigate any issues, organize training, and generally to be there to help you get up and running as fast as possible.

When you choose your plan and set up billing, your Customer Success Manager will introduce themselves via email to schedule an introductory call.

Common questions people often have

Is there any training?

If you need it, it can be arranged in groups of 3. There’s also plenty of written documentation in our Support Center.

How long will it take someone to get up to speed?

To learn how to navigate Better Proposals, create and send proposals and use the editor, you should have the basics down on your first time clicking around it. Becoming somewhat of an expert with the Editor might take a bit of reading and playing about.

What if I get stuck?

Typically, you’ll have people reach out internally to the person who is perceived to be “the best at Better Proposals”. In the short term, this is actually quite a good idea, as the product champion and person in charge of the rollout is in touch with our Customer Success team to get any questions answered anyway. However, as everyone gets to grips with the day-to-day, it’s a good idea to direct them to the Support team, who are available on live chat 16 hours a day.

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