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Choosing proposal software is difficult. There are quite a few options, some considerably better than others. So in our completely biased opinion, where does PandaDoc stack up?

PandaDoc are an interesting company. They’re not really a proposal company - they’re more a document signing service like Docusign or Signable.

Who is PandaDoc for?

At the core of it, PandaDoc is great for corporates. Lots of different options with signature rules, permissions and user roles. All things that companies with 100+ salespeople need. They’re great for that. If that’s you and we were speaking in person, I’d tell you that we’re not the company for you and PandaDoc is the way forward.

In Better Proposals, you have simple user permissions like who can do what and who has admin rights. We don’t get too cute here because 90% of our customers are businesses with 10 staff or less. We’re designed for small businesses and freelancers and we’re happy that way.

Who are you trying to impress?

When you’re sending a proposal, who are you trying to impress? Your potential customer I should hope. The main fallback with PandaDoc is the fact that their document builder / proposal designer doesn’t actually allow you to create anything that looks very visually impressive. It’s a document signing service for big corporations. Fancy design isn’t something that is typically required.

Kelle Carroll
"I have used PandaDoc, Proposify, and Better Proposals and I prefer the Better Proposals simplicity, dashboard, and templates. Plus they are always making improvements."
Kellee Carroll
Prairie Giraffe

The main issue with PandaDoc

Of course, design is subjective but from a visual perspective, which do you think is going to do you more good when sending to your client?

Pandadoc Cover

Pandadoc Content

This is one of their public showcase templates

...or Better Proposals

When sending a proposal to a potential client, you want to build trust and the quickest way to do that (all things being equal) is by sending through an amazing looking proposal. If you send something that looks like a legal document with an attempt to win the business, it’s always going to be an uphill struggle.

template 5
template 3
template 12
template 2
template 6
template 4
template 1
template 7
template 9
template 10
template 18
template 15
template 11
template 17
template 13
template 14
template 12
template 16

Here's how they look on mobile

A screenshot of one of our proposals is on the left, PandaDoc are on the right

mobile vs pandadoc

Speed of sending

There’s always going to be a compromise. If you had unlimited time, you could make something look good in PandaDoc but what you really want are fast, efficient, quality proposals sent in minutes. That’s exactly what Better Proposals will give you.

You set all your branding up in one place and simply alter the content for your client each time. We have an unofficial tagline here which is ‘Just Write’. That’s all you’ll need to do - just focus on your client and their problems and explaining how you’ll solve them. Let us worry about the rest.

Our proposal editor

Zero learning, automatically designed, lightning fast.


PandaDoc is not aimed at the freelancer / small business. That is evident and they brutally punish you in their pricing. You can read more about PandaDoc Pricing here but the upshot is they hook you in with crazy low pricing on a plan that isn't sustainable then force you to pay 5x just to continue using it as you were. It's not a scam but it is very clever on their part.

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