Credit where credit is due, Bidsketch were first to the scene. They've been around a long long time in the online proposal space but like with all things, age catches up to you. Times have changed massively in the last 5 years and their software seemingly hasn't been updated much, if at all since it's inception.

This is a look at some key differences between Better Proposals and Bidsketch in terms of software, features and approach.


If you get annoyed at most online editors you'll absolutely hate this. One of the biggest issues with Bidsketch if you read online is how antiquated it feels when using the editor, you know, the bit you spend 98% of your time using?

It's not "preview as you go" so you're filling in text fields for each part of your proposal giving you little to no control over how it actually appears to your clients. Want a section to fit nicely on one page? Be prepared to press 'back' and 'next' a lot.

Better Proposals shows you what your content will look like as you're typing it. You're in full control of how everything looks but we don't let you make things look bad. Everything looks great by default.

Layout of your proposals

Despite claiming to be moving towards a paperless world, their proposals are still designed around the concept of a piece of paper. This means you still need to adjust your proposal to sit on sheets of paper even on a computer screen.

We know that proposals get printed less than 0.2% of the time so there's just no need for that in this day and age.

With Better Proposals you're working with web pages. Your content is infinite. This means no worrying about formatting your text, resizing things, resizing pictures. Just throw in your content and let the automatic designer handle everything.


The templates Bidsketch provide are very weak from a sales perspective. Even if you were to use their software, I would recommend hiring a professional to write your proposal content. It's written as example content which means you need to edit every bit of it.

Of course, you have to tailor it to each client but every template available in the Better Proposals marketplace has won business. Not only by our customers but by us when we ran our digital agency and our close business friends.


Bidsketch have a successful business, there's no doubt but their pricing certainly isn't suitable for small agencies sending 1 or 2 proposals each month. They seem to hold back their best features for their higher paid plans.

Every paid plan with Better Proposals has all premium features from advanced reporting to integrations and being completely unbranded, you'll find our Pay as you Go plan almost as good as their lowest paid plan.

This isn't an article bashing Bidsketch. They've done an incredible job to stay in business for the amount of time they have and they deserve credit for that. That said, the writing is on the wall and it seems if you look on review sites it doesn't take long for the same critisisms to come up again and again.

I hope they relaunch one day. Competition is good for everyone but right now, if you want a simple to use proposal system that saves you hours, your clients will love and doesn't need a training manual then consider starting on our Free Forever plan and choose a plan later.

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