The Truth:
PandaDoc Pricing

Big system, lots of features but one major flaw.

PandaDoc Pricing

PandaDoc's pricing looks fair and reasonable on the outside. Lots of features for not a lot of money until you realize you get no integrations until you 5x your original spend. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

They won't allow you to whitelist your domain until you're on their Enterprise plan which runs into the thousands. This means every proposal you send essentially comes from PandaDoc instead of you.

There are no custom domain options on PandaDoc which means you're just an advert for their service. This kind of "growth hacking" worked nicely for Hotmail in 1999 but it's not appropriate for professional business software. Every proposal you send will have "PandaDoc" plastered all over it.

Here's the trick

Assuming you start on their seemingly generous 'Individual' plan at $9/mo, you can't simply upgrade to their $29/mo plan when you need to. You'll have to skip that one and jump right to the $49/mo plan as there are a whole host of basic features that aren't available on the $29/mo plan. This means if you aren't prepared to 5x your payment to them you'll be stuck. It gets worse: You got 2 users then you'll be $18 to $100.

Ultimately though, to get the really good stuff you need speak to a salesperson and be sold a custom plan.

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How does PandaDoc's Pricing compare to Better Proposals pricing?

With Better Proposals you start at a reasonable $19 which allows you to hide our brand entirely. Want to send more documents? No problem, upgrade to the next plan when it's right.

To add a new user with Better Proposals is $19/mo regardless of the plan. With PandaDoc they'll charge you for the entire plan again when you want to add another user.

Try Better Proposals free for 14 days. Yes, we have a few less features than PandaDoc but we're happy serving the small businesses and sales teams and don't exist just to serve corporations.

Kellee Carroll
"I have used PandaDoc, Proposify, and Better Proposals and I prefer the Better Proposals simplicity, dashboard, and templates. Plus they are always making improvements."
Kellee Carroll
Prairie Giraffe

PandaDoc doesn't produce the most exciting looking documents

Of course, design is subjective but from a visual perspective, which do you think is going to do you more good when sending to your client?

Pandadoc cover

Pandadoc content

This is one of their public showcase templates

...or Better Proposals

When sending a proposal to a potential client, you want to build trust and the quickest way to do that (all things being equal) is by sending through an amazing looking proposal. If you send something that looks like a legal document with an attempt to win the business, it’s always going to be an uphill struggle.

template 5
template 3
template 12
template 2
template 6
template 4
template 1
template 7
template 9
template 10
template 18
template 15
template 11
template 17
template 13
template 14
template 12
template 16

Here's how they look on mobile

A screenshot of one of our proposals is on the left, PandaDoc are on the right

mobile vs pandadoc

Speed of sending

There’s always going to be a compromise. If you had unlimited time, you could make something look good in PandaDoc but what you really want are fast, efficient, quality proposals sent in minutes. That’s exactly what Better Proposals will give you.

You set all your branding up in one place and simply alter the content for your client each time. We have an unofficial tagline here which is ‘Just Write’. That’s all you’ll need to do - just focus on your client and their problems and explaining how you’ll solve them. Let us worry about the rest.

Our proposal editor

Zero learning, automatically designed, lightning fast.


PandaDoc is not aimed at the freelancer / small business. That is evident and they brutally punish you in their pricing. They limit you to 5 templates and having over 70% of their features not available until you pay $39/month/user. If you want their mid-range plan with 5 users, it's going to cost you $195/month compared to $49 with Better Proposals.

Try Better Proposals for 14-Days Free

You can use Better Proposals for 14 days with no restrictions and full support from our amazing team of proposal writing geniuses. If you’re looking for a corporate solution, we can help but truthfully, we’ll probably fall down in a few areas. If you’re a small team and want to send amazing looking proposals then we’re likely to be a better fit.

Give us a spin.

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Join 8000+ happy customers and enjoy a simpler, faster and more professional way to send proposals.
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