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Streamline your workflow, gain data insights, and supercharge your document management process with Better Proposals.

No more drafting from scratch

Pick one of our 200+ professionally written and designed templates, customize to make them your own, and you're ready to send. And if you already have a template that needs some love, we've got you covered with our template design service.

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Save time and resources through automation

Populate your documents using automatic fields or create them directly from your CRM. Say no to manual entry and moving from one app to another thanks to Zapier, project management, and CRM integrations.

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Stop losing track of deals

Never wonder what's happening with your document after you've sent it again. Better Proposals notifies you when your client has received, opened, read, printed, forwarded, and signed your document.

Say hello to superior organization

Leave local copies you can't access and email threads with multiple document version attachments in the past. Organize all your documents by type and sort them into folders for fast and easy access.

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Upgrade your document management process

See the current status, value, and date of all your document types directly in your dashboard. And when it's time for a more in-depth analysis, simply run a company, team or user report to see which documents perform best and where there's room for improvement.

When you're sending documents as email attachments, anyone can make changes that you then have to track down. With Better Proposals, you can restrict editing access inside your team, and your clients can't make any changes at all.
If you're still in the negotiation phase, you have the ability to hide unfinished parts of the document from the client. That way, you can perfect the details after the meeting and adjust them to your client's needs.
set page as published or draft set page as published or draft set page as published or draft
Your control over the documents doesn't stop once you've sent them. Revoke access to your documents after the signing deadline passes and password protect them to prevent clients from sharing the details with someone else.
set page as published or draft set page as published or draft set page as published or draft
No more envelopes, stamps, printing or scanning. Make it easy for your clients to sign your documents with eSignatures. Reduce your time to close by creating a sense of urgency with expiry dates.
Closing complex deals that need to be signed off by more than one person doesn't have to be a nightmare. Instead of going back and forth to get those signatures in the correct order, simply add the list of signatories into the Better Proposals signature block. And if you need to countersign, no problem - just add yourself as the last person to sign.

Our built-in, legally binding digital signatures make business easier and help you keep your data secure. Instead of handling physical copies, all your data is encrypted and stored electronically.

More about electronic signatures

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encryption encryption encryption

Welcome to modern document management

Faster document creation, more closed deals, and clients that keep coming back are just a few clicks away. 
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