Announcing: Teams

You can now break your users down into teams, give different access levels and generally organize your business better.

For managers, this means you can focus specifically on your own team instead of having another team’s staff clogging up your Dashboard and Reports. Here’s what’s changed:

Setting up your team

In Settings, you now have an area for ‘Teams’ where you can create the different teams in your business and add members to them. You can assign a manager which dictates what they can see.

Improved permissions

Before, the permission settings were in a simple grid. Users down the left, permissions along the top. This worked great if you had 7 or 8 users but when you get to 50+ it starts to be a bit of a mess.

Now you can get a list of the users in a specific team and set their permissions all in one place. In addition to this, there are more levels of permissions to set so re-organizing this made sense.

Dashboard and Proposal view

Depending on the permission levels you have, you will now be able to filter the proposals list by Team, and then by a team member. This is an instant way of seeing who’s doing what which gives you greater control over your sales team.

As a company owner, you can see any of this and choose what you want to see. Restrictions and permissions can then be applied as you go down the chain of command to managers and team members.


Before, you either had the permission to view the entire company report or you didn’t. There was no in-between. Now, you have 3 levels:

  1. Company Report – This is similar to before but with the added benefit of seeing Team Performance broken down within the report.
  2. Team Report – This shows you how the Team is performing and the individuals within it.
  3. Individual Report – This shows you how one particular user is getting on. You could see the basics about an individual before but never with charts and all the other information on the main Company Report. Now you can.

As a company that is always critical of itself, we feel this was long overdue so if you have several users in your account and want to split them into Teams and have far greater control over who can see what, now you can.

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