Branding Upgraded

As a company, how your brand is represented when you’re sending a proposal is one of the most vital, yet overlooked elements. As of a few weeks ago, you could do the following:

  • Upload a logo to your proposal header
  • Change the colour of the navigation and
  • Upload a different logo for your client-facing emails

Upgrading Branding

What really is your brand? It’s more than just your logo and colour. It’s the typography you use, the words you use to talk to your clients, your domain name and more.

You can now customise your proposals in the following ways:

  • Your logo for your proposal
  • The logo for your emails
  • The colour for your proposals
  • The fonts used in your headers, subheaders and body copy
  • The message your clients see once they’ve signed your proposal
  • The domain your clients will see.

This move makes your brand the only thing your client is interacting with. No annoying mentions of our service, just you and how you want to come across.

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