Communication Is The Key To Having Happy Clients

Written by Adam Hempenstall
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Communication is the key to great customer service

The key differentiator between great customer service and bad customer service is the communication. If you communicate well, clearly, frequently and honestly, you’ll please your clients every single time.

If you don’t, you’ll do alright but you’ll likely get a lot more phone calls asking how jobs are coming along, your referrals will be considerably lower and the loyalty will be almost non existent because your clients won’t feel looked after.

How do you avoid giving crap customer service?

Great customer service is mostly just being a nice person, so seeing as most of us are nice people, why do so many companies dish out devastatingly terrible experiences to their clients?

The answer is ‘time’. When you have to choose between replying to a client about something which you know is being taken care of, or finishing a proposal for the new client, the proposal wins every time.

That said, while some things like writing proposals require the personal touch, you can automate the bulk of your communication so at least there’s a consistent message being delivered that doesn’t take any time to send.

Think of it as great customer service by just doing your job. Everything I’m talking about here is all part of Better Proposals (Switch on ‘Projects’ in the Better Proposals App Store).


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