Full Page Feature Blocks with Patterns

Last year, we added feature blocks as a way of adding a splash of colour to your proposals.

They’ve been a massive hit and have been used in many different ways. Today we’re taking that one stage further with two little updates.

Full height Feature Blocks

This is one of those small changes that make a massive difference. Before, if you wanted to put all your content inside a Feature Block but you didn’t have enough to fill up the page, it just stopped then reverted to the standard white background.

We’ve changed that so now if a Feature Block is the only thing on a page, it becomes full height, essentially making your background that colour. Creates a nice effect and allows your personality to take over a little more.

That’s not all.

Feature Block Patterns

To add a little more personality to your proposals, you can now use Patterns. Patterns are pre-designed filters you can add to Feature Blocks which really bring your proposals to life.

They’re all designed to work with whatever background colour you use. Experiment with them and have fun. If you have an idea about new Patterns we should add, feel free to send ideas through to us.

Looking forward

This little update opens up a world of possibilities and we’re excited to develop it over time. This is available now by clicking the settings icon when you hover over a feature block and you’ll find it under the section where you’d change the background colour.


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