Getting Content from Your Clients Without Destroying the Relationship

Video Interview with James Rose from Content Snare Written by Adam Hempenstall
getting content from your clients

Running any sort of creative or service business? Then you surely know how much of a drag and a pain it is when it comes time to get content from your clients.

Today, that problem goes away.

I sat down with my friend James Rose from Content Snare to discuss this global issue and what can be done about it. It affects such a large number of web designers but also many other industries face a similar issue on a daily basis.

It slows down your projects, creates friction with your clients and sours relationships before you’ve even got going. So what can be done about it?

James visited Brighton back in November and he swung by my house for some Fish n’ Chips and to shoot this interview. Here’s what James teaches you:

Give this interview a watch, James is one of the sharpest founders I know and has his head on this problem better than anyone.

I highly recommend giving Content Snare a try on your next few website projects. James and I are in several of the same communities and I constantly see people I respect saying that it’s helped them speed up the process of getting the content and better yet, they are thanked by the client for making an otherwise difficult task, easy.

Give Content Snare a try and start improving your business and client relationships.

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