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How to make successful virtual B2B pitch meetings

Virtual sales pitches have become the norm and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere any time soon. Seeing how all changes come with an adjusting period, we’ve created a detailed guide on how to hold successful B2B pitch meetings. 

We’ll focus on helping you uphold professional standards, while also keeping your meetings conversational and light. It can be daunting to organize a sales pitch, especially under these conditions, but our tips will help you relax by making sure your focus is on the value you bring to the table. 

Being prepared and knowing your talking points is essential, however, there are a few other things you need to think about as well. 

Prepare a great sales pitch

Your sales presentation needs to be top-notch. You have to pack all your slides with valuable information, all while making sure your presentation isn’t too long. The ideal time should be between 45 minutes to an hour. 

Start your virtual sales pitch with some background information on your company. Explain to your audience why you decided to start your business. In most cases, this happens because there is a real need on the market for your products or services. Make sure to get that point across and explain how you’ve helped other businesses over the years. While you’re at it, you could explain why your competition is lacking and what makes you stand out. 

After that go more in-depth about all the services and features you offer. Make sure to research your potential clients thoroughly, in order to customize your offer to their needs. Focus on the services and features that could help them with their biggest problems. 

Your presentation should be visually appealing, so make sure to incorporate visuals and infographics, instead of just huge chunks of text. 

Rehearse your part of the presentation

Don’t be that person that’s fumbling words as you read them of the presentation, because this is the first time you’re seeing it. A lot of people leave the creation of the slides to someone else and don’t prepare the parts they’ll be presenting and it shows. 

Make sure to memorize your presentation and deliver it with confidence. This doesn’t come easy for everyone, which is why you should do a test pitch with your team. Once you pick the software for your virtual meeting, ask your team to jump on a call and help you rehearse. Alongside this, consider using noise-cancelling software as well so that your meetings are smooth and productive.

Present your virtual sales pitch for them just like you would for potential clients and ask for their feedback. Every successful sales meeting starts with great preparations. 

Put the focus on the value of your service

In order for your sales pitch to be effective, you need to put focus on the value you’re bringing to the table. The most important thing your future client wants to know about your product or service is how it’s going to benefit their business. 

Explaining all of the different features is great, but don’t put too much focus on them. The client wants to hear a sales pitch that is fully customized to their needs and addresses real issues they face. 

That should be the focal point of your presentation. Show them a clear timeline of how integrating your service or product is going to change an aspect of their business for the better, earning them more revenue, helping them manage their account better or else. 

It’s good to cover the basics of your features, mostly if they differ from one plan to another, but don’t go overboard. 

Respect the client

We’re sure that this goes without saying for most of you, but we need to preface the importance of being on time, being cordial and leaving enough time for your clients to chime in and ask questions. 

Keep it conversational

Start the meeting with a light conversation. Make sure to make your client feel comfortable before you ease into “business talk”. If you prefer not to get interrupted during your presentation, leave enough time in the end for any questions they might have. 

The pitch is only successful if they get everything they need out of it, so make sure to explain any issue they bring up. At the end of the day, as important as it is to present your sales pitch to the best of your ability, it’s also important to build a relationship with your clients. 

Think about your surroundings

Just because your meetings won’t be held in person, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still keep a level of professionalism. Make sure to dress professionally and clean your office/home. 

Your surroundings should be tidy. The more things you have behind you, the more attention people will pay to them. Try to find a quiet corner that doesn’t have too many distractions and make sure to remind your colleagues and family members not to disturb you during the meeting. 

Be the first to mention next steps

Always end your meeting with a call to action. You should be the one that brings up the next steps and lets the client know what they need to do after the meeting. This step will vary greatly depending on your company. 

Your next step could be anything from creating a contract to offering an onboarding call for your client’s team. Whatever it may be, make sure to announce it clearly. In the B2B marketplace, this may take some time, since companies usually have more people deciding on issues like these. 

That’s why it’s critical to follow up on your virtual sales pitch. Don’t let the client slip through your fingertips. Make sure to call them and ask if there are any questions or unresolved issues they may have. 

It will let them know that you care, which is a characteristic you want to see in people you do business with. 


At the end of the day, practice makes perfect. Having a great virtual sales pitch and a well-rehearsed speech is the most important part of your sales meeting. Be sure to put focus on those things, instead of cheap gimmicks. 

Your clients will want to hear a personalized presentation, so make sure to customize your slides to their needs and wants. 

Once you present your product or service and answer any questions, the client will take some time to make their decision. During that time, take it upon yourself to follow up with a phone call and offer your time in case they need a live demonstration or a second meeting with the whole team. 

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