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The Ultimate List of Sales Influencers to Follow In 2023

A little bit of motivation can go a long way, especially when it comes to sales leadership. It can come in handy when you find yourself in a rut, not meeting your goals and not understanding what to change.

In order to help, we decided to create a list of sales professionals that create amazing sales content.

Find out which sales influencers you should be following and what they can teach you about your sales process, so you can get more sales experience for your business.

Morgan Ingram

If you're looking for someone who can teach you about prospecting, time management, how to better your sales strategies and more, Morgan Ingram is the guy for you.

He is the Strategic Advisor at Lavender and has been named the LinkedIn Top Sales Voice in 2018 and 2019, and 2020.

You can watch his podcast The SDR Chronicles, with more than 100 videos providing tips for sales development representatives. These videos can help sales reps better understand how to shape the direction of their sales teams.

Ingram also creates content about mental health, B2B influencer marketing, and the psychology behind sales. You can also follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Becc Holland

Holland is the perfect person to follow if you want to learn more about email personalization. Her sales training videos are fun and easy to follow.

You may have heard of her series Flip the script which provides grassroots training for anyone interested in prospecting and scaling their sales efforts. She often uses stories from her own sales experience and shares the mistakes she made and what she learned from them.

Holland is a board member in multiple companies, like UserGems, as well as the Director of Sales at Sales Hacker.

She also shares insights on her LinkedIn profile.

Dan Martell

In order to become a successful salesperson, you should learn from the best sales influencers. That's why we included Dan Martell on our list.

He is an entrepreneur, investor and business coach that shares sales tips as well as stories from his past that inspire and teach important lessons. As the CEO and Founder of SaaS Academy, he helps businesses provide their customers with amazing demos.

You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn where he shares growth strategies, sales techniques and more.

You'll learn answers to questions like these:

  • How to get in front of your ideal customer?
  • How to build a productive sales process?
  • How to be a good sales leader?

Martell also has a popular YouTube channel with helpful videos that show the best sales practices.

Sangram Vajre

Truly understanding your customer is an important step towards sales, and Vajre knows this best. He is known as the person that popularized account-based marketing.

He is also known as the cofounder of Terminus, the B2B marketing community FlipMyFunnel and GTM Partners.

You can follow him on LinkedIn, where he shares actionable advice on account-based marketing, business strategies and more.

You can also find him on Twitter where he shares how we went from a CMO to a CEO and other interesting stories from his life.

Jill Rowley

SaaS is a specific field, that requires different sales strategies. That's why following Jill Rowley is the way to go if you're working in the SaaS space.

Rowley has more than 22 years of experience in SaaS. She started as an early employee at Salesforce and over time she became a startup advisor and champion of social selling.

Her LinkedIn posts will inspire you to rethink your sales pipeline and shape your approach to modern buyers.

Will Aitken

Will Aitken is what happens when you combine stand-up comedy and sales training.

Aitken touches on the topics of cold calling, sales proposals, headhunting, marketing and more. His humorous approach makes sales leaders seem more approachable and gives a spin on what it means to be a great salesperson.

His LinkedIn is full of short educational videos that provide real-life examples and modern sales techniques.

Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson is a sales leader focused on helping women become better sales professionals. She created the She Sells Sumit which brings 12 women-in-sales groups together for a string of virtual events.

Richardson can help you find better sales candidates, reshape your sales processes and fix your onboarding process.

If you're looking for sales influencers with experience in running a small business, as well as B2B sales, Richardson is the perfect fit for you. She knows how to teach negotiation, communication, psychology and more.

You can follow her on LinkedIn, as well as listen to her podcast Conversations with Women in Sales.

Michael Hanson

Michael Hanson can help you perfect your outbound process.

He is an expert in outbound sales and uses his expertise to show others how to master outbound outreach on LinkedIn, email, calls and more.

This sales strategist will inspire you to get out there and start knocking on doors and making cold calls. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath is one of those sales influencers that knows a lot about different avenues of sales performance.

Being the bestselling author of 4 sales books, you know that Konrath has amazing input you can utilize in your business.

She can help you get more high-quality meetings with key decision-makers as well as become more productive.

You can follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Belal Batrawy

Belal Batrawy has been named a top influencer by Salesforce. He creates sales content that will help you find better prospects and shorten your sales cycle.

Batrawy can help you get your foot in the door, by targeting the right buyer but also win the deal. His content is aimed at a sales rep that wants to learn more about the early stages of the sales cycle.

Talking to leads that express genuine interest should be different from talking to cold ones and no one explains it better than Batrawy. Follow him on LinkedIn.

Cynthia Barnes

If you're a true novice in sales, you'll need to find a mentor, and Cynthia Barnes is a great pick.

Barnes is interested in helping women in sales reach the top of the leaderboard by amplifying their innate strengths. If you want to succeed in sales, you'll need to create a winning team around you, which is something Barnes can help you with.

Follow her on LinkedIn.


Sales influencers usually have a very salesy approach, but not Keenan. He is adamant that instead of selling to your customers, you should listen to them and help them.

As the author of bestselling sales books, Keenan has a lot of helpful advice about winning new deals, coaching and more.

Follow him on LinkedIn to find out more about his life experiences that helped build a successful sales career.

Rakhi Voria

Rakhi Voria is an enterprise tech veteran. She was the Vice President of Global Digital Sales at IBM, meaning she knows how to run a big team.

Follow her on LinkedIn to find out insider tips from the sales world as well as how to build deeper human connections with your team and customers.

Scott Leese

If you're interested in scaling your business, Leese is the person for you. He is a 3X founder and 6X sales leader that helps companies reach their full potential.

Follow him on LinkedIn to find out how to lead your team, how to cater to your customer's needs, how to build sales teams and more.

Wrapping up

Sales influencers don't just inspire you to be better, they can also help with actionable tips and stories from their past wins and fails.

Whether you're interested in scaling your business, leadership strategies, finding the right co-founder, social selling or anything in between, our list has you covered.

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