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Written by Adam Hempenstall
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Times have changed

Gone are the days where you can just send the same email to all your contacts, clients and enquiries and expect them all to equally care. How can every one of them need to hear the exact same message in the exact same context? I suggest doing micro emailing, whereby you’ll send a super targeted email to a small sub-set of your list. Let’s say for instance you want to make a few quick sales. Who are the most likely people to buy from you?

Existing clients that haven’t bought for, say 6 months? If you hit them with an offer, it’s highly likely you’ll make sales. How about emailing an offer to all current sales enquiries that have outstanding quotes to progress their order faster. For example, “Place your order before Friday 4pm and we’ll knock 10% off!”.

Depending on the product or service you offer, you’ll have different criteria to build your list from. Here are some of the different criteria you can create lists from in the Business Automation CRM. Make sure whatever system you use allows you to create similar lists and doesn’t force you to do it manually.

Examples of search criteria

Make marketing easy

In fairness, most CRM systems allow some sort of search criteria; it’s what happens once you have your people that is the issue. In our system, the next step is designing your email and choosing when to send. If the CRM system you’re looking at or using doesn’t integrate with your email marketing platform then you’ll have to export the data, import it into the system then think about designing your email.

Remember, the idea of business automation is to be as efficient as possible. Anything that “cuts out minutes” from a process is worth investing money in.

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