New and Improved Editor Features

We’ve made a bunch of updates to the template and proposal editor which will continue to speed up the writing process and streamline some of the things you could do before.

The saying goes “a craftsman is only as good as his tools”, so when crafting your most important business documents, naturally you should be armed with the best tools. Our famously easy to use and comprehensive editor has been given a new lick of paint and a round of updates which makes the whole proposal creation process more streamlined.

A quicker way to insert merge tags.

You can still access merge tags via the “merge tags” button at the top of the page but this interrupts your writing flow. Now you can simply type {{ and a list of available merge tags will appear. When you select the one you want to use, it will automatically insert and complete the tag for you.

Easier access to inserting images and tables.

As you’ll know, to access the “insert” toolbar you hit enter on to a new empty line in the editor. This brings up the options to insert an image or table or access the HTML editor for example. You can still do this, but you’ll also notice a new icon and dotted line appear when you hover between paragraphs. Clicking this opens the “insert” toolbar as well, which allows you to easily insert an image between two paragraphs of text.

More natural right-click behaviour.

Previously when you would right-click, this would bring up a set of editor options which may not be relevant to what you were doing. Now when you right-click, you will see the regular browser popup in most places. This allows you to use your browser spellcheck or copy/paste manually.

If you right click on a table, you’ll see that you still get the table options you would see before which is now in context.

Ability to link images.

When you click on an image, alongside the ability to align it, you now have an easy option to link the image, which will make it clickable for your clients. 

Visibility over who else is editing for better collaboration.

If you try to edit a proposal or template and another user of the account is already editing it, you’ll now see a popup which allows you to take over editing, rather than getting in each other’s way.

The other user will be notified that you’ve taken over and they can no longer make changes until you’re done.

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