New Covers

Whenever we’re referred by our customers, usually there’s mention of how simple and lovely the Covers feature is and how simple it is to use. They are great, but we felt we could make them better.

Firstly, we haven’t forced any changes on you or how they look. If you do nothing, they’ll look exactly the same. Here’s what we’ve added.


Previously, you only had left-aligned text and logo. Now, you have the ability to centre them. They look really smart.

Button Styles

There was only a single style of button before which, in fairness, could have looked better. Now we’ve added a square option and will be adding different options as time goes on.

No more popups

When you clicked on your logo to change it, or the settings icon to change the wallpaper it would give you this irritating popup. We’ve changed that now to a nice slide-in menu on the right hand side. It’s faster, meaning you can make your changes quicker and get your proposal out faster.


A few months ago we announced an integration with Google Fonts that meant you could choose from a select set of fonts for your titles and body text in your proposal. Now, when you create a cover, it will use the same fonts you’ve chosen for your title giving you that all-important brand consistency.

On behalf of everyone at Better Proposals, I hope you get on well with this new update and enjoy it as much as we did making it for you.

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