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Selling Like A Champion

Think of your business as a funnel

Every business is a funnel. I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘sales funnel’ before? If the aim is to make as much money as possible, we want to increase the conversion rate, or the number of people who buy. Those are the easiest and fastest ways to increase revenues. When you quote someone, what are you really doing? You’re saying “Would you like to buy X for £X?”. Most businesses send something tragic like this: That is so disgusting, it’s an insult to anyone who has to look at it! If you are sending anything that looks anywhere near that bad then please please stop right this second, and get it fixed immediately before you eat your next meal. That, or just start proactively sending your enquiries directly to your competition and save yourself the time building that quote in the first place. The end result is the same - no sales.

What to do instead

Instead of sending a 1 page quote with line items, start thinking about what would make a quote for a small wall a 1 page document and a quote for a house a multi-page document. Yes, there's more elements to the quote, but there's also more questions in the potential client's head and a higher cost to justify. It's well worth spending time thinking about what should be included in your quote then present it as a proposal. Pack it with reasons to choose you over anyone else. Don't forget that your potential clients have a third option too - do nothing! They don't have to buy anything from anyone. You still need to convince them to spend the money. I would suggest that spending £350 a day on a professional designer for 2-3 days to produce a proposal template for you would be money well spent. Alternatively, for no cost at all, you can use the automatic designer built into Better Proposals instead.

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Adam Hempenstall is the CEO and Founder of Better Proposals. He started his first web design business at 14 and has since written four books and built an international movement around sending better proposals. Having helped his customers win $500,000,000 in the last 12 months alone, he’s launched the first ever Proposal University where he shares best practices on writing and designing proposals. He co-runs a once-a-year festival called UltraMeet and is a massive FC Barcelona fan.