Send Everything Better, Not Just Proposals

For years our customers have sent different document types with Better Proposals.

From contracts to design sign off, statement of work documents and more.

We’ve always been of the opinion we wanted to stick to proposals because thats what we do best and what we understand deeply. It occurred to us though that our Template Marketplace has a “take what you like and discard the rest” vibe to it.

This meant we could put new templates in there without diluting our positioning as one of the market leaders in the proposal space while still giving a larger flexibility over what you create and send with Better Proposals.

Don’t Just Send Better Proposals. Send Everything Better.

We are announcing today that we now have 6 different document types available in the Template Marketplace:

  • 60+ Proposal templates you know and love
  • 9 Client sign off sheets
  • 3 Online Brochures
  • 6 Statement of Work templates
  • 20 Quote templates for small jobs
  • 10 Commonly used Contracts

Not only does this mean you get a far greater value for your subscription but you’ll be providing a much better service to your clients. All your important documentation arriving in the same way.

Business Proposal Templates

Accessing the new templates

Simply click Templates once you’re signed in and go to Template Marketplace. You’ll then be able to either search using keywords or browse the different document types on the right.

Proposal Templates Marketplace

Remember, everything is editable

It’s important to remember you can edit all of these templates once you’ve added them to your library. Put in your colours, your copy, your images.

Implementing them in your business

Just think, if maybe you’re a web designer, you might send an online brochure first with some basic info about your service then a proposal as usual.

Once you win the deal and do the design you might get them to sign off the design before moving onto the development, then once it’s done – get them to sign the finished site off too.

Best Proposal Software

This process keeps your client happy because they know what’s going on at all times, it keeps projects on track meaning you don’t run over time and over budget. Extrapolate that out over a year and you’ve got a business functioning far smoother that it would have otherwise.

This is just the beginning.

Start sending better proposals today

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