Simplifying your sales process

This video is *jokingly* sponsored by easyJet.

I think many of us are guilty of making our sales processes far too complicated. There’s often no need, but in the moment, you think that’s what needs to be done.

Today I want to show you an example of easyJet and how they have made the process of buying flights so unbelievably easy, I was able to book a flight to Moscow, Russia under the following conditions:

  • No computer, only my iPhone
  • No business credit card on me (How I would usually book business travel)
  • Inside a club at 3am
  • No Wifi, No 4G, No 3G, just E.

Pretty awful set of circumstances, yet easyJet, using their app managed to make it so easy to book by doing things like remembering my card details and only asking me to approve simple bits of information, I bought the flight.

I later realised I needed a visa. Had they told me, I wouldn’t have booked it but you could argue that I should have known I needed one so it wasn’t deceiving.

Apologies for the wind in the audio. It’s fine once I realise I can use my jacket to cover the mic.

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