STOP Sending Proposals at Night

Written by Adam Hempenstall

Every month we run statistics across our entire customer base for a whole number of things. We often cross reference those statistics with things like whether they got signed or not or how fast they were signed.

We try and find out things like whether the number of pages, images, videos or amounts have any effect on whether they are jobs that are won or not. One of those things analysed was the times proposals were sent.

The results produce interesting reading

I actually recorded a video about this at Krka Waterfalls in Croatia last year. In it, I explain my thoughts without data backing my reasoning about when the best time to send proposals could be.

Here was my theory

In email marketing, there’s a theory that if you’re selling B2B, people will be super busy between 8-11 am. Then from about 11 am till lunch time they’re taking it easy, making coffee, catching up on email.

Then they come back after lunch, go nuts for a few hours and chill between 3 and 4, then have a final push before heading home.

Turns out I was right

Based on data from July last year till now (February 2016). You are 62% more likely to get your proposal signed within a week if you send it during those non-busy periods.

All that said, the busiest time for sending proposals is between 8 pm – 11 pm. We’ve filtered out US customers so that’s UK and Europe.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using our software or not. Stop sending proposals to people in the middle of the night. Save it until the following day at hit send at 11 am.

Best of luck!

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In that case what about adding a schedule sending button?

Adam Hempenstall

We will be at some point I imagine. 🙂

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