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Success Story: Cre8iv Click

Even though we hear about them daily, we can’t get enough of our customers’ success testimonials. 

Today’s story is about our dear customer and friend Nick Gulic, Co-founder of web design agency called Cre8iv Click.

His career originally started in accounting. Afterwards, he moved into business development for an accounting firm, grew that reasonably big and left to chase his dream and start his own business. At the beginning, it was about consulting, marketing and sales coaching but he didn't like that much. Instead, he started a web design agency. After some time, he met his business partner Igor Couto, joined forces and they’ve been growing since.

About Cre8iv Click

Cre8iv Click agency is a boutique web design and development studio based in Sydney, Australia. With their creative methodologies and custom development, they focus on delivering outstanding websites and making a significant difference for their clients' brands. Both Nick and Igor have been assisting businesses and building amazing websites for almost 30 years. It’s important to say that they hand-code sites rather than use templates and page builders.

Q: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from working with your clients?

Nick: Find solutions for people rather than just taking an order from someone. Be the authority, so when you tell them what they need, they listen.

Q: If you weren’t working at your current industry, what would you be doing?

Nick: I’d probably be a co-founder at a SaaS product somewhere.

Sales Process

Potential clients usually approach Cre8iv Click due to being referred. The next step is an initial call (10-15 minutes) where Nick and Igor judge whether it’s worth having an in-depth conversation with the client and whether they would be a good fit. Next, they move to a longer conversation, either in person or via video conferencing, which covers the main information about the client, their business and goals. Cre8iv Click guys give an agency recommendation and if the client is okay with the solution and pricing, Nick prepares a proposal to get a commitment. This process works very well, as their conversion rate is 58%.

Q: Is the overall time of closing a sale decreasing?

Nick: It can fluctuate so much, so it’s hard to say. Targeting better quality clients helps a lot. Also, generally the people we like working with also are excited to work with us, so they sign quicker.

Q: What are your goals for the next 6 months?

Nick: Continued growth. We are looking to add our next team member now. Additionally, in 6 months I’d hope to have at least one more.

Q: What are the tools you can't imagine your business operations without?

Nick: is awesome for us, most of our business is in it. Better Proposals is one of my favourites, because that’s how we bring in cash.

Cre8iv Click and Better Proposals

Q: You've been our customer since June 2017, could you tell us something about your experience with Better Proposals? 

Nick: Better Proposals has been growing and improving pretty steadily. New features are always good ones, and it shows that you guys aren’t just adding random stuff that doesn’t improve results. For example, payment integration was awesome. Not everyone uses it (they want an invoice first), but many still do. It’s just easy and saves us having to arrange an invoice to be prepared.

While we’ve templated a lot of our proposals, we go into a lot of detail in our proposals about the solution itself. For instance, for a website, we’ll outline the sections on each page. The most time we’ve spent has been a full day for a massive project, but the average proposal takes us about an hour.

Why Better Proposals?

Q: To conclude, why is Better Proposals one of the most important tools in your arsenal?

Nick: Better Proposals presents your business really well and makes you look good to your clients. There is also a lot of content on the site about how to be effective with your proposals (which actually works). And there’s a pretty awesome team behind it that very clearly are passionate about what they do.

Thank you Nick, this means a lot to us! We’re looking forward to seeing you succeed even more.

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Petra Odak is the Chief Marketing Officer at Better Proposals, a simple yet incredibly powerful proposal software tool. She’s a solution-oriented marketing enthusiast with more than 7 years of experience in various fields of marketing and project management. Outside of work, she loves coffee, travel and cheesecake.