Take one day out the office every week

When you decide to put a new system in place within your business, you can start to scale back your working hours. A simple thing you can do to build the level of acclimation to you not being in the office, is scheduling 1 day per week out of the office. How do you do it, where do you go? Lets dive in!

Take your phone and laptop and go somewhere inspiring. I usually go to the Seattle Hotel at Brighton Marina. It’s a short drive from my house so it’s not much of an inconvenience, but still far enough to keep me away from where I usually work.

The benefits are massive

  1. To start with, the mere fact that you’re out of your usual working environment is naturally inspiring and it gets your brain thinking in different ways.
  2. You’ll become used to dealing with issues with just digital devices and not hordes of paper work.
  3. You’ll stop scribbling notes down on a sheet of paper which happens to be sitting on your desk, and instead make notes against the client in your Business Automation System.
  4. You’ll plan your day by the tasks assigned to you in your system and not by what’s written on a whiteboard or worse yet, reacting to people randomly asking for favours in the office.

The reason I suggest 1 day per week is that it’s completely achievable. It doesn’t have to be out at a fancy hotel. If you usually go to the office, you can simply stay at home; just make sure you’re not going to have family/pets/tv/games/gym distractions or the whole thing will be pointless.

Once you’ve seen how productive 1 day per week is, you can increase it to suit your lifestyle.

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