The Best Innovators Never Stop Innovating

Your work is never done when it comes to automating. There’s always something that can be improved. Here are some ways to continue re-inventing…

Use the 80/20 principle all the time when assessing what needs attention, then move onto the next thing.

Think about your business like your house, there must be a room which needs a fresh coat of paint? When that’s done, it’ll be something else and your business is exactly the same.

Never stop innovating and thinking of new ideas

Keep your brain stimulated with new ideas from different sources. I’m currently in Milan and there’s a restaurant here which gives you an iPad when you walk in and you order directly from it.

No order taking from the staff, no waiting around or trying to flag someone down. The place can be completely rammed and it still creates an element of calmness as the servers don’t need to worry about taking orders and remembering stuff, they just need to bring the food to the right places.

Very smart!

Keep thinking of ways you can improve, streamline and simplify your processes in order to make your business that much better.

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