The Ultimate Automated Sales Process

If you sell a service which requires any level expertise or “consultative selling” then this video is for you.

You have a series of questions, it could be 40-50-60 questions or conversation points you can go to in order to get to the truth of what a client needs and wants. You probably don’t even think of them as questions, you think of it as “experience” or “second nature”.

My job with this video is to give you some tactical ways to get those questions down on paper so you can turn what you do so well into a somewhat repeatable process.

It’s not something you can do in 5 minutes but the video is easy to understand and will put you on a path of getting those questions out of your head and into a process.

We start simple and build it up. You’ll love it.

If you like outtakes, you’ll love this. I recorded this by a lake as you can see, but all these ducks, swans and other various water creatures surrounded me so much we had to stop and start again. It was funny enough so I clipped together the outtakes. Enjoy

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