The Top 5 Quoting Software in 2022

If you’re looking for good quoting software that will help you automate tedious processes and help save time on repetitive tasks, you’re in the right place. We are firm believers in business automation and love to work with tools that help us do more in less time. 

In order to help you find the right tool for your quoting needs, we’ve created a detailed list of the 5 best quoting tools currently available on the market. 

We’ll explain the importance of reliable quoting software, as well as the features you should look out for. Every tool will get a fair overview as well as a look into its pricing. In the end, we’ll compare all the tools in a table, highlighting all the relevant pros and cons. 

What is quoting software?

Quoting software is a sales tool that helps you win new business, increase your team’s productivity and impress your clients. It streamlines your proposal process and helps you answer all the requests for proposals and quotations while giving you more control over the entire process. 

The software allows you to create sales documentation fairly quickly. It should make sending proposals and quotes easy as well as simplify your follow-up process. Other capabilities of your quoting software should be – establishing workflows, customizing proposals and quote templates, digital signatures, and integrating with other sales tools. 

In order to find the right tool that will speed up your process, instead of complicating it, you need to look for specific features and benefits. 

Make sure to look for: 

  • An affordable option
  • A digital signature option
  • A payment integration that allows your clients to pay the first fee through the document 
  • Great customer service 
  • A library of different document templates
  • An editor that’s easy to use
  • Integrations with other sales tools (CRMs, payment integration, etc.)
  • Some form of AI
  • Branding options

With the list of features to keep in mind when it comes to quoting software, let’s jump right into our guide. 

Better Proposals   

Better Proposals

Better Proposals is a great software for creating and sending high-converting business proposals and quotes. With a large library of document templates, you will easily find the right one for your needs. 

All of our templates are beautifully designed and come with a prewritten structure that will make it easy for you to customize them for your clients. The editor is really easy to use and doesn’t require any coding or design experience. 

Once you get to the ending stages of your document creation, our AI will kick in and let you know how to better your proposal in order to secure the deal. It works based on analyzing previously successfully signed and paid documents sent through our platform. If the AI notices people in your industry are using specific language or structure their prices in a different way, you will be notified. 

The tool further speeds up your sales process with a digital signature option that lets you turn proposals into legally binding documents. It lets your clients sign the contract by typing in their names, alleviating the need for printing the document out. 

Our digital signature integration keeps your document secure by tracking the IP address of the signer as well as the exact time when the document was signed. 

Furthermore, we offer a payment interaction which allows your clients to pay through your proposal as soon as they agree to the terms and conditions. You can choose between PayPal, Stripe, and GoCardless.

In order to help you and your clients reach an agreement quickly, we integrated a live chat option that lets them comment on your proposal as they’re reading it. You can make changes in the document based on the client’s wishes, as long as it’s not signed. Once it gets signed it’s a legally binding document and no changes can be made. 

After you send your proposal, the tool will send out notifications every time someone opens, signs, and pays for your proposal. You can also use proposal analytics that shows which device your proposal was opened on, whether it was forwarded and how much time the person spent on each of the chapters. 

Better Proposals' pricing

The plans start from $19 per user per month. 

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce is a giant in the software industry. You’ve probably heard of their CRM tool. However, that’s not the only tool they’ve created. Salesforce CPQ stands for Configure, Price and Quote

It’s a quoting tool that helps you customize your documents and speed up the sales process. Since it’s a cloud-based platform, your team can access it on any device. With just a few clicks, you can present your products and services to your clients. 

The tool offers a unified pricing engine. It can help you prevent pricing differences between invoices, orders and quotes. That’s a great feature if you’re working with a larger number of clients. 

You can also use the tool to proactively generate renewal quotes and send them to clients when needed. 

Salesforce CPQ seamlessly integrates with other sales tools, making it easy to streamline your process. Once you get a request for a proposal or a quote, you can quickly configure the right prices for the client and send the correct document. 

Having reliable quoting software doesn’t just speed up your sales process, but also showcases your professionalism to your clients. 

The cons of Salesforce CPQ are:

  • The tool isn’t very intuitive and it can take a while before your team can completely learn the ropes.
  • Product configurations can be hard to understand, especially when formatting your pricing.
  • The design of the quotes is very basic.

However, the biggest downside of Salesforce CPQ is the price tag. The basic package starts at $75 per user per month. 

Salesforce CPQ pricing

It’s not an affordable solution for small businesses and if you’re looking for a tool you can integrate with the Salesforce CRM, you can find better options

HubSpot Quote Software

HubSpot Quote Software

HubSpot Quote Software is an easy-to-use solution for anyone looking to streamline their sales process. It can help you close deals quickly by creating branded quotes in a very short amount of time. 

It offers two important features – an electronic signature and a built-in payment option. As we’ve already mentioned, good quoting software should make your sales process quicker and the best way to do so is by removing any obstacles for your clients. 

The easier you make it for the client to sign and pay, the quicker you can close the deal and start working on the project. 

However, these features are only available in the pricier tiers.

The biggest advantage of the tool is the fact that it’s a part of HubSpot’s CRM and seamlessly integrates with other tools that can help you create email sequences as well as email tracking and scheduling, live chat, report creation, and more. 

Luckily for you, these integrations are available even if you choose a cheaper tool that offers more features and benefits. 

HubSpot Quote Software’s cons are:

  • The interface isn’t very intuitive. It can provide a number of hurdles even for experienced users. 
  • The design elements are very basic. 
  • Interactive elements like videos or interactive pricing are not available.
  • The reporting falls short of today’s industry standards. 
HubSpot Quote Software's pricing

As you can see, the pricing packages are divided into 3 packages and start at $45 per month. 



Scoro is another great tool that helps you create sales quotes faster and easier. From one dashboard you can create and send quotes, manage contracts, handle billing, and more. 

If you’re interested in such a tool that could provide you with an overview of all your sales efforts, you might find Scoro an interesting option. 

However, this tool is more focused on time management and making sure every effort falls within the billable hours, instead of on the quality of your sales documents. 

Their document templates are very limited since the tool relies on you using another software for creating your proposals and documents and later on uploading them to Scoro’s editor. 

Furthermore, the tool doesn’t allow live chat and can be a bit difficult to use. It definitely comes with a learning curve. 

Scoro's pricing

As you can see from their pricing, Scoro isn’t an affordable option. Their packages start at $26 per user per month and you need to include a minimum of 5 users which comes up to $130 per month. 



Bidsketch is a quote and proposal solution made for small businesses. The tool offers document templates and allows you to send finished proposals as landing pages. This creates a great experience for your clients because they can interact with the content, leave comments and approve of changes. 

Since the documents are web-based, clients can sign them with an electronic or digital signature, making it convenient for everyone involved. 

Although proposal templates are an amazing feature, just like allowing your users to send them out as landing pages, you need to understand client expectations and behaviour. 

Bidsketch's template
Source: Bidsketch

This is an example of Bidsketch’s proposal template. As you can see, it’s designed in a standard printing format. When your clients see this, they will be inclined to print out the proposal, instead of reading it on their laptop/phone/tablet. 

Printing out your proposals significantly reduces your chance of closing the deal. As our report shows, when clients print out your proposals, the conversion rate drops by 88%, which is no laughing matter. 

That’s why you need to look for a tool that focuses on making it easy for your clients to read and engage with your documents digitally. 

Bidsketch pricing

Bidsketch’s pricing is divided into 3 packages. The cheapest plan starts at $29 per month and allows one user. 

Comparison of all mentioned tools

If you’re still not sure which tool is the best choice for your business, let’s look at how they compare on 9 essential features and characteristics. 

ToolBetter ProposalsSalesforce CPQHubSpot Quote SoftwareScoroBidsketch
Price$19 per user per month$75 per user per month$45 per user per month$26 per user per month with a minimum of 5 users$29 per user per month
Number of usersUnlimited in all packagesNot disclosed10 users in the highest tierNot disclosedUp to 8 users in the highest tier
Document templatesMore than 200The number is not disclosed1000 in the cheapest packageThe number is not disclosedNot disclosed
Integrations40+11HubSpot only427
Payment integrationsStripe, PayPal and GoCardlessCPQ & Billing planStripeStripe and PayPalNot supported
Free trialYes, it lasts 14 daysNot availableYesYes, it lasts 14 daysYes, it lasts 14 days
Live chat integrationYesNot availableYesNoNo
Custom domainYesNoNoNoYes
Customer serviceYes, through live chat that is available for 20 hours a dayYes, for the users in the 2 highest tiersNot specifiedYesOnly through email


As you can see from the table, Better Proposals is a clear winner not just based on the price, but also on the number of users, payment integrations and more. We truly created this platform out of a need to have a better conversion rate and a more successful follow-up process. 

With our detailed proposal analytics, you can follow the reader and see whether they even opened your document and how much time did they spend on each of the sections. That intel can be very powerful in your follow-up process. 

You can understand whether your client is truly interested in your solution or is looking for a cheaper alternative. 

Moreover, with all the available integrations we offer, you can easily streamline your entire sales process and save time. If your desired integration isn’t listed, you can always link it using Zapier or API. 

But as always, you don’t need to take our word for it. Sign up for a free trial and experience the ease of creating and sending quotes for yourself. 

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