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Tracking The Success Of Your Marketing

Once you start creating different landing pages with landing page builders, you’ll want to start tracking which ads/email campaigns are working. The way most marketers do this is what’s called a ‘tracking code’.

“Why use a tracking code?”

Imagine you’re running 20 ads on Facebook Advertising, 12 on LinkedIn Advertising and 56 on Google Adwords but it’s all for the same promotion and therefore going to the same landing page. Let’s assume you start getting 10 sales enquiries a day flying into your inbox and system, how do you know whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn or Google that’s producing the results? Without a tracking code, you won’t. This can lead to the biggest waste in profits ever - paying for advertising that isn’t producing results. Here's how to use a tracking code: You need to be working towards having the knowledge to make smart marketing decisions. Blindly running ads is not the way to do it. How to do this is pretty simple in reality. Heres a normal link: Heres one with a tracking code: For each advert, you simply tweak the code at the end (everything after the = sign) to let you know what it is. For complex marketing campaigns, it’s worth getting a spreadsheet and simply using numbers followed by the actual ad. For small campaigns, that’s not necessary in my opinion. Looking at this code, I can tell it’s from Facebook for a start because it has ‘FB’ at the beginning, EMMS means ‘Email Marketing System’ so I know that was the subject of the ad and ‘Blue’ indicates that I might have had an image there that was blue as opposed to another colour. If you are running Pay Per Click campaigns for your business (if you’re not, you should), this is absolutely vital! It’s not new technology but it is very surprising how many systems don’t allow you do do this.

Integrate Your Website Using Our API

We have written an API that allows your website or landing page to input the details of an enquiry directly into your Business Automation CRM (Available in the Better Proposals App Store) with a set of defaults. For instance, let’s say you want the ‘Lead Source’ to be ‘Website Enquiry’ and to capture the tracking code, that’s all easy. Unlike most online web apps, if you’re trying to integrate with our API, we’ll help you do it. You’re not just on your own so get in touch, let us know what you’re trying to do and we’ll advise the best way to go about it.

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Adam Hempenstall is the CEO and Founder of Better Proposals. He started his first web design business at 14 and has since written four books and built an international movement around sending better proposals. Having helped his customers win $500,000,000 in the last 12 months alone, he’s launched the first ever Proposal University where he shares best practices on writing and designing proposals. He co-runs a once-a-year festival called UltraMeet and is a massive FC Barcelona fan.