17 New Proposal Templates

One of our many ambitious goals at Better Proposals is to have the largest library of proposal templates in the world. 

Today we’re getting closer to that goal by releasing 17 new proposal templates into the Better Proposals Template Marketplace. There’s a key difference between the templates you might find floating around on the internet and what we produce. 

The content in the templates is as close to done as you can get. There’s the absolute minimum of work required to send a real proposal using one of these templates. It is our commitment to ensure that not only is the copy and design of a world-class standard but it’s also been battle-tested.

This means you know you’re using a template that has actually won business.

Here are the 7 new proposal templates in the digital marketing space:

We have 3 more in the consulting space:

And finally, 7 more in the Home and Property industry:

Enjoy these templates. If you’re a Better Proposals customer already then go to the Template Marketplace. If not, Start your 14-day free trial now.

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