A Re-Introduction To Landing Pages

If you’ve been reading anything about marketing online in the last 6-8 years you’ll know exactly what a Landing Page is, but for clarity’s sake here’s a reasonable definition from Wikipedia.

A single web page that appears in response to an online advertisement. The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link.

In other words, it’s where you’ll send your visitors from either a Pay Per Click ad or an email marketing campaign. The idea is to ensure that there’s complete continuity when going from your ad/email to your landing page. There are a few things to consider, to do this easily:

  • Branding – make sure it’s prominent on both the marketing material and landing page.
  • Imagery – If you have a picture of an apple on your email, get the apple on the landing page too. Aim for instant recognition.
  • Headline – Reference the ad. It acts as a subtle indication that the reader is in the right place.

Heres a terrible example

A screenshot of the email:

A screenshot of the landing page it links to:

This is fundamentally terrible. The headline in the email has nothing to do with the headline on the landing page. There’s no matching imagery at all, just random photos of the trainer with foreign dancers. The ‘call to action’ in the email is so far down the page it got cut off, but mentions the discount. The branding is consistent at least, but looks incredibly overbearing, and almost childish.

Here’s a great example

Screenshot of the email:

Screenshot of the landing page it links to:

What’s he done right here? Firstly, he’s used the same imagery so you instantly know you’re in the right place. The headline is the same, and again, instantly recognisable. The only thing not overly prominent in the traditional way is his branding but saying that, the emails come from Ben Angel, and right there on the right is a picture of him and his name.

Try and strive for some consistency. Try to answer those immediate questions and build the best landing pages you can.

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