Interview: How You Can Reduce Your Client Projects From Months to Days

Cheryl Laidlaw runs The Reyl Design Group, a design agency in London.
It would be easy to be like every other design company but Cheryl did something different.

She created Website in a Day.

A simple concept that took what would have been months of back and forth, design concepts, content writing and all the other things can come with designing a website and somehow squeezed it into a single day.

You might be wondering how she does it and I’m pleased to tell you she reveals it all in the interview.

If any of you have ever tried filming with professional equipment in public, you’ll know it’s not easy to find locations as bars and restaurants don’t like it so we set up in a park and mid-interview got attacked by a dog. Very amusing.

I have massive respect for what Cheryl has done and I think whether you’re in the creative industry or not, you can learn a lot from her mindset and how she has approached a common problem in an industry.

Enjoy the video.

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