Interview with Jack Manley: How To Take 2 Months Off and Increase Revenue In The Process

Written by Adam Hempenstall

From freelancer to world travelling business owner

We take a look inside Jack’s incredible journey from freelancer to ultimately taking 2 months off and having his web design business run itself.

Jack Manley is a web designer by trade. Like most of us, we set out to do the craft, the art, not own businesses but that is the exact transition Jack needed to make for his own health.

Being diagnosed with high blood pressure at the age of 22 mostly due to workload and stress, isn’t something to take lightly but at that age it would be all too easy to dismiss it. Jack took appropriate action and grew his business massively in the process.

Now his agency, Freestyle Web Design is one of the fastest growing agencies in Hampshire, UK. They’ve developed over 400 websites to date in just under 6 years. Not only that but he’s been able to take over 2 months off and explore the world as a real business owner, not just a travelling freelancer.

In this interview, we talk about:

It’s truly a fascinating interview and anyone feeling like they’re at that critical point of busyness could do worse than spending 15 minutes watching this.

Please leave any questions or comments below and I’ll get Jack to answer them. I know you’ll love this.


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