New Pricing Tables

Optional bolt on products and full support for all taxes

It’s been a long time coming but we’re pleased to announce a major update to our pricing tables

One of, if not, the most important part of your proposal is your pricing. It needs to be clear, well presented and above all, easily understood.

Previously, you’d enter your products into your pricing table which worked nicely but there were a few issues.

  1. Recurring fees
  2. Taxes
  3. Quantities
  4. Optional items

Recurring fees

We’d built the ability for you to have recurring fees in there but it wasn’t overly clear if these were monthly, annually or what. Now, in Settings, you put in whether a product has a monthly, quarterly or annual price. When your totals are displayed it gives a total for each type of cost. This is so much clearer.


This was daunting because different countries charge different rates of tax and call it different things. Now all this is handled easily in the Finance area of Settings.

Just tell the system you charge tax, put in the percentage you charge and type in what you call it. Everything else is automatic.


Most our users in the early days were web designers who often charged big fees and didn’t work in quantities but even for your average consulting arrangement, you might sell a block of 6 coaching sessions. We’ve now added the ability for you to have quantities of items.

Now, you don’t have to switch this on. You can just turn it on if it’s relevant. Just click the settings icon to the left of each product on your quote and you can toggle this on and you’ll see two new boxes appear under the price.

In here, enter the unit price and the number of them you want and it’ll automatically calculate the overall price for you. We’ve left the ability for you to override this subtotal. If you have a total of £702.13 you might want to just make that £700.

Optional items. We’re calling them Bolt-ons.

Our biggest request yet. Add any product you like to the pricing table and put the price in, click the Settings cog to the left of the product name and switch the toggle on making it a bolt-on product. Now, when your client is viewing your proposal they will see a tickbox next to that product and can switch it on or off and it’ll automatically update their total.

This is amazing for giving your client control over their price and up-selling them in a classy and cool way without it being sleazy. Thanks to all our friends over at WP Elevation for the push to get this done.

There’s more to come

Don’t think we’re done. We have absolutely tons in the bag for you. Stay tuned.

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