Integrate CRMs with Better Proposals

Having all your software talking to each other is vital in any set of systems. We’ve now made this even easier by allowing you to integrate Better Proposals with your favourite CRM.

Which CRMs have we integrated with?

We’ve started with the most popular and in-demand but we’ll be adding to this list as time goes on. Here’s the list:

How does it work?

The most annoying part of systems not talking to each other is contacts being completely out of sync. It doesn’t help, it’s annoying and where mistakes get made.

Most companies decide to do an integration by syncing all the contacts whenever you click a sync button. We think this is lazy and pathetic so we’ve made something truly useful. Live search.

When you go to send a proposal, you’d usually get two options – Send to someone new or send to someone you’ve sent to before. Now, you get a third option – Send to someone in your CRM.

base 1 crm

base 2 crm

After that you get a search box which is connected live to your chosen CRM so you simply type the company name and hit search, it’ll then return the contacts associated with that company – tick the ones you want and off you go.

We hope you enjoy this update.

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