LIVE: Redesigned Dashboard

Written by Adam Hempenstall
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About 6 months ago, I started re-designing the dashboard. We finished it last night.

It didn’t take 6 months to design. It took 6 months to decide.

When you have a significant number of people using something on a daily basis, it becomes a bigger and bigger decision to change things they are used to. Ultimately, we decided this was an improvement across the board.

We’ve done away with the list format which showed your most recent 5 proposals and gone with a card format which gives more space to each proposal. Now we can include the status (whether it’s not been sent yet, sent and not opened, or opened).

In looking at the statistics, we realised that creating a new proposal was the most common action so we used the 6th card as a way of giving easier access to that page.

The list view is still as it was on the ‘Unsigned Proposals’ page which is how it should be we think.

We’re super keen to hear your thoughts so feel free to drop Sabrina or myself an email if you have any questions or want to give us any feedback on it.

Thanks for being with us. We’ve got some awesome stuff for you in the pipeline which you’ll be seeing soon!

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