The Content Library

You can now build your proposals from saved content as well as templates

Save your best bits of content to the Content Library. Then add it to a proposal or template with one click.

Prior to now you had to create a template in order to really save time. This is still fine if you sell one thing like a website for example. But what if you wanted to also sell them a marketing campaign or an explainer video for their website in the same proposal?

Lots of copy and pasting from different templates. Not fun.

The Content Library is how you’ll build truly personalised proposals in seconds

Now there’s a save button next to each of the content blocks. Click it, give it a name and boom. Saved. You can do this from any proposal or template.

To add content from the library to a template or a proposal, you’ll find a new tab inside the green ‘Add to this page’ slide-in menu called Content Library. Just start searching for what you want and click to add it.

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