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Independent Financial Advisors

Bringing Foundation to you

Foundation IFA is currently looking to add to our portfolio and we would like to share this exciting opportunity with you.

We have provided unbiased and unrestricted financial advice to individuals and businesses for over 40 years. 

Foundation IFA believes our collective expertise puts us in an excellent position to drive your business prospects forward. 

Vision and Excellence

Our reputation for excellence and forward vision has led to great dividends for a variety of clients from three to thirty-year investments.

We have proud to have played a part in projects as diverse as the construction of a new children's playground, three restaurants, and even supported the development of a new hospital wing. 
No matter the brief, our hard work and diligence mean that year on year, our clients have seen returns grow steadily

Trusted by over 300 firms and 1500 individuals, our services have been voted 'outstanding' five years running by an independent market panel of experts.

We pride ourselves on innovation and forward thinking, meaning we only present comprehensive and affordable solutions.

Effective Expertise

We are full-service IFA's with a range of expertise including:

  • Wealth Management
  • Investment and saving portfolios
  • Pension and retirement planning
  • Insurance policies
  • Equity release
  • Tax planning
  • Business and Corporate Affairs


solidarity with you in mind


Our vision is to help elevate every single client from their current financial position to their goal outcome or beyond.

How do we go about achieving this outcome? No matter the size budget, each submitted project will cycle through our unique 4 step DRBPA system which has proven results for over 40 years of business.

how Foundation workS for you

DIAGNOSIS  |  A structured assessment with one of our highly qualified team members will analyse in depth the current position of your assets.  This step also explores your needs and goals, helping to set quantifiable goals for future growth.

RESEARCH & BRAINSTORM  |  Underneath the leadership of your dedicated project manager, each brief is brainstormed weekly in a whole team meeting.  This unique aspect of our business means that each client gets exposure to the creativity and knowledge of six financial advisors, rather than one.

PRESENTATION  |  After compounding all research and team input, your dedicated project manager will formulate and present up to three viable investment opportunities, including time frames for review.

ANALYSIS  |  Once a strategy is settled upon, a thorough analysis is conducted to give feedback on the portfolio and check progress against set goals.  At this stage, changes can be advised and made if necessary in order to maximise outcomes.

financial investments need solid foundations in order to achieve maximum successful growth


Our team. Your driving force

Winning Team

Our handpicked team are six of the best CISI and CBI qualified financial advisors who continually push for professional excellence.

Each has their own area of specialised expertise and the combined efforts of this multi-skilled team have been the driving force for success behind our investment portfolios for 40 years.


Matt Rowan  |  Pensions and Insurance

Mars Blake  |  Long term Investments

Sally Hedgeson  |  Accountancy

Laura Smith  |  Business Investment

Roger Cooper  |  Wills and Family Planning

Henry Woodhouse  |  Capital Gains and Tax 


Our Unique Guarantee

Committed to Excellence...

Every year we subject our business to intense scrutiny and monitoring in order to provide true transparency, and the highest levels of commitment and professional conduct. 

"Customer satisfaction comes first"

...defined by you.

Nothing is better than real customer feedback for assessing where you are doing well and where you can improve.

We ask our clients to rate our services through a completely anonymous 360-degree feedback questionnaire on an annual basis. 
We couple these scores with the results of a review by the financial watchdog advisory panel IFA.

Although this process regularly rates us at 'outstanding' or 'excellent', we want every single client to be happy with our services. 
We, therefore, offer the unique guarantee that if you are not happy with the advice that you have been given for a particular service,
we will fully refund the fee paid for that advice. 

Yes, really. 

That's how dedicated we are to providing valuable advice.


Proudly voted "Outstanding" for the last five years by both the 
client feedback rating & the Independent Expert Panel (2012-2017)


Independant Expert Panel (2011 - 2005)


Case Study

Happy Clients

All of our clients are individual and every single case is assessed by our team of experts based on individual strengths and areas for improvement.

Whilst every case is different, we have listed one such example below.

Mrs K.P.  | Wealth Management

After the unexpected passing of her husband, who was a businessman, Mrs K P came to the Foundation office seeking financial advice at an emotional and difficult time.

This lovely lady was a retired nurse with substantial savings, and further income streams which were largely unmanaged including dividends from various companies that her husband had set up and managed. 

She was concerned about her future as her large property still had a huge mortgage to be paid off,  her pension sum was not large, and she also needed to find a large sum of money rapidly to be able to help pay for an important operation for her daughter.

After further investigation Foundation formulated a saving strategy that could quickly be implemented so that Mrs K P could manage her assets better, and make her money work harder. 

Assistance was given in renegotiating Mrs K P's mortgage, as she decided to downsize to a more manageable property.  This released equity and once some time had passed, Mrs K P was able to select a couple of investment options including ISAs and a trust fund that were right for her, rather than keeping her wealth solely in one bank account not accruing any interest. In the short term Foundation also took over the management of her late husband's stocks and shares portfolio, until Mrs K P had the time and confidence to deal with assessing these. 

Foundation IFA were on hand to provide impartial advice and professional support during a stressful period in our client's life, and were pleased we were able to help alleviate worry about finances at this difficult time.

"Foundation IFA were professional, caring and kind at all times. They really took the worry off my shoulders and I would highly recommend them."

-  Mrs. K.P. | Client


First Consultation is Always Free

defining your needs

We guarantee a free initial consultation and this covers half of our DIAGNOSIS analysis of requirements. 

This normally takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Flexible Fee Options

Once we have defined your needs, your dedicated project manager will advise you on which of the following fee structures best meets your needs.

Whilst we will use our best experience to guide which option you select, the choice is entirely yours.


One-off Fee  |  For clear-cut services, e.g. transferring a pension

Hourly Rate  |  Agreed beforehand, dependent on advice required

Percentage  |  Suitable for ongoing investment management, percentages average from approx 1 - 3 %

Commission  |  Applicable to insurance and mortgage deals only


start on your success today

start your Foundation today

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One of our consultants will then be in touch within the hour to initiate the first step of our process.

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terms & conditions

USER DISCLAIMER (Please Delete): This agreement may not be suitable for your circumstances and we recommend you seek legal advice before using it. Better Proposals does not take any responsibility for any events that arise as a result of your use of this agreement.

Advisory Services Agreement

This AGREEMENT sets forth the terms of the engagement entered into by [COMPANY] a registered investment advisor, and [CLIENT].


Advisor shall provide the following services to the Client on an ongoing basis:

Assist in articulating your goals, objectives and values.

Prepare an annual Net Worth Statement.

Prepare a Statement of Cash Flow.

Develop an Investment Policy Statement in concert with your goals.

Implement investment recommendations as outlined in the Investment Policy Statement. Place trades in your accounts as discussed and approved or requested by you.

Provide portfolio management services.

Provide recommendations for annual contributions to IRAs and other retirement plans.

Prepare education cost analysis and provide savings vehicle recommendations.

Review your personal and trust tax returns and provide tax planning advice.

Provide insurance advice, as needed, and assist in implementing recommendations.

Provide estate planning guidance and assist in the implementation of any recommendations. Prepare cash flow and retirement projections and analysis as needed.

Participate in a discussion about alternative housing options; review the financial ramifications. Provide advice and recommendations in other areas of financial planning in which Advisor or Client identifies a need.


The Client agrees to provide information regarding income, investments, income tax, estate plan, and other pertinent matters as requested by Advisor from time to time. The Client also agrees to discuss current and projected future needs and goals candidly with Advisor and to keep Advisor informed of changes in the Client's situation, needs and goals.

Although permitted to do so, Advisor shall not be required to verify any information obtained from the Client, Client's attorney, accountant or other advisors and is expressly authorized to assume the accuracy of information received from the Client.


The Client is free to obtain legal, accounting, and insurance services from any professional source to supplement and to implement the recommendations of the Advisor. Advisor shall cooperate with any attorney, insurance agent and accountant chosen by the Client with regard to implementation of any recommendation.

Client will retain absolute discretion over all investment and implementation decisions. The Client will execute a written Limited Power of Attorney with the fiduciary having custody of the Client assets. Under the Limited Power of Attorney, the Advisor has no access to Client assets and is not able to withdraw funds from the Client account. The Limited Power of Attorney is primarily executed for the convenience of the Client so that the Client does not have to execute each investment trade.


An annualized fee based on fee scheduled listed below will be charged for the comprehensive financial services listed above. All fees are assessed in arrears and are charged on a quarterly basis. The fee is due upon receipt of the invoice, and regardless of the market performance of the portfolio during the quarter just ended.

An annualized fee will be charged on a quarterly basis for comprehensive financial services as follows:

First $500,000 of Net Worth                    1.00% annually

 Next $750,000 of Net Worth                    0.80% annually

 Next $1,000,000 of Net Worth                  0.70% annually

 Over $1,500,000 of Net Worth                  0.50% annually

The annualized fee is calculated on the value of net worth on the last day of the quarter. All fees are assessed in arrears. The fee is due upon receipt of the invoice, and regardless of the market performance of the portfolio during the quarter just ended. The billing quarter starts on the Agreement date.

This Agreement will be reviewed at the end of twelve months from the contract date.


The Advisor obtains information from a wide variety of publicly available sources and has no sources of inside or private information. The recommendations developed by Advisor are based upon the professional judgment of the Advisor. The Advisor cannot and does not guarantee the results of its recommendations. Client is solely responsible for electing to follow or not follow any information or recommendation given by the Advisor.


It is understood and agreed that Advisor is not qualified to and will not render any legal advice nor prepare any legal documents for the implementation of Client's financial plan, Client agrees that his/her personal attorney shall be solely responsible for the rendering and/or preparation of the following: (i) all legal advice; (ii) all legal opinions and determinations and (iii) all legal documents.


Whenever possible, the quarterly fee charged for comprehensive financial services will be billed directly to the account custodian. Upon receipt of a quarterly billing statement, the account custodian may debit your account for the amount of the quarterly fee and make payment directly to [FINANCIAL ADVISOR]. Client will receive a copy of the billing statement detailing the amount billed and the method in which it was calculated prior to any account debit.


A Client shall have the right at any time to terminate the Advisor's services upon written notice to the Advisor. Such termination shall not, however, relieve the Client of the obligation to pay for all services rendered on behalf of the Client prior to the date of such termination

The Advisor may terminate this Agreement upon written notice to the Client if, among other things, the Client fails to honor the terms of the Agreement, the Client fails to cooperate or follow Advisor's advice on material matters, or any fact or circumstance that would, in the Advisor's view, render the Advisor's continuing service unlawful or unethical. Upon termination, the Advisor will be entitled to be paid for all services rendered on behalf of the Client to the date of termination.


Advisor is required to deliver written disclosures regarding background and business practices, consisting of Part II of Advisor's Registration Statement on Form ADV. Any Client who has not received a copy of Advisor's written disclosure statement at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to executing any confidential Client Agreement (Agreement) shall have five (5) business days subsequent to executing the Agreement to terminate Advisor's services and to receive a full refund of all Client monies already paid without penalty.


Any controversy arising out of or relating to any transaction or the construction, performance, or breach of this or any other agreement between the parties shall be settled by arbitration under the Commercial Arbitration Rules then in effect of the American Arbitration Association. Unless the arbitrator awards otherwise, each party shall be responsible for its own costs for discovery, if any, and its own attorney's fees. All other costs of arbitration shall be divided equally by the parties. The arbitrator(s) shall have the authority to adjudicate the dispute and award compensatory damages. The decision of the arbitrator(s) rendered in accordance with this agreement shall be final and binding upon the parties to the extent of, and pursuant to, MA law, and may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction.


Neither party hereto may assign, convey or otherwise transfer any of its rights, obligations, or interest herein without prior express written consent of the other party.

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